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Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Source: TV Insider

The second series spinoff of the Power Universe, features Kanan Stark who grew up with Ghost and Tommy and we learn more about his background and how he got into the drug game. In the original Power series, we meet Kanan who was out of jail and blamed Ghost for his stint in jail and was determined to take Ghost down. We know how Kanan’s story ended but this series shows how it began.

Source: Starz Youtube Channel

The show takes place in the 90’s and we get to know Kanan played by Mekai Curtis is a smart young man with a lot of potential. His cousin Jukebox played by Hailey Kilgore which we also know her ending but see her beginning as well. Kanan’s mom Raquel Thomas brilliantly played by Patina Miller, her brother Marvin played by London Brown, who is Jukebox father, and part of his sister’s crew and Raquel or Raq as she is called younger brother Lou Lou played by Malcolm Mays all our part of Raquel’s drug family. Raquel’s main competitor is Unique played by rapper Joey Badas$$. These are the main players of the show,

Raising Kanan is a good show. Raquel Thomas, Kanan’s mom runs a tight ship and when things start to fall apart, she manages to find a way to make it out to survive another day. It will be interesting to see how things play out next season for Raquel. Her complex relationship with Symphony, played by Toby Sanderman and her back and forth of emotions and whether she could trust him is another dynamic of Raquel. We really don’t know Symphony but hopefully we will find out more next season. I also hope he is not an undercover cop as most of the audience suspects. Raquel also must worry about her younger brother who just wants to be in the music business. Marlon, who realizes he is not built to be a leader but wants to be respected but steadily does things to undermine that. Raquel also must deal with Detective Malcolm Howard played by Omar Epps who has a secret that Raquel doesn’t want to get out and she will do anything to make sure of that. Raquel has a lot going on and we shall see next season how she handles all these moving parts.

Kanan is book smart but now street smart. As the season goes along, we see that Kanan starts to learn how the game is done. He still has blinders when it comes to his first love Davina Harrison played by Lovie Simone who is not as dedicated to Kanan as he thinks. Kanan is also head strong and thinks he know things even though he doesn’t which makes things more difficult for his mom who never wanted Kanan in that life. She eventually relents and Kanan is immersed into the drug life.

Raquel’s main foe in this series is Unique. JoeyBas$$ is a brilliant foe to Raquel. It was fun seeing them going tit for tat and seeing who gets the one up on the other. Unique thinks he has Raq in a corner, but he soon realizes he shouldn’t underestimate her. The season ends with them at war. Next season should be interesting and just as intense as the first. If you haven’t watched Raising Kanan and you loved the original Power or Power Book II Ghost, then you need to watch this one. If you loved the character Kanan on Power, then seeing his beginnings and seeing that he is emotional and reacts instead of taking his time and thinking things through to know the person next move which led to his downfall.

Power Book III Raising Kanan is now showing on Starz. Did you watch this season? Are you ready for the next season? Let’s Discuss!

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