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Star Wars: Bad Batch

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Source: IMDb

Disney+ new series Bad Batch is a sequel and spin off the extremely popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This show is about an elite force of clone troopers with genetic mutations. The Bad Batch is Clone Force 99 they end up running away because they defied orders. They comeback to learn that the Republic has been replaced by the Empire. The Clone Force 99 is held for treason, and they meet Omega, a deviant clone that this team should not stay because they’re deviants and they would be eliminated. The Bad Batch escape with Omega in tow and find that Crosshair has decided to service the Republic. The Bad Batch and Omega try to keep steps ahead of the Empire.

Source: IGN

Clone Force 99 members consists of Hunter who is the leader of the team; Tech who is just that a tech expert who also has language, military tactics and improvisation skills; Wrecker is the muscle; Echo has a unique armor, and Omega is an enhanced clone that we find that more than just the Republic is interested in her.

Star Wars Bad Batch is really a strong entry into the Star Wars universe. You care about the relationship that Omega has formed with these clone mercenaries. She softens them but they also try to give her some survival skills as well. As the team go through the galaxy and become more of a family, they encounter other mercenaries and bounty hunters. There is plenty of action in these shows. Every episode has guaranteed action and moves the story along. If you are a Star Wars fan and even if you aren’t, Star Wars Bad Batch is worth seeing and investing your time.

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