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The Morning Show- A season of reflection!

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The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston who plays Alex Levy and Reese Witherspoon who plays Bradley Jackson finished their second season on an emotional rollercoaster. The Morning Show takes a hard look at the makings and the people behind a popular morning show. This season we see the continuing aftermath of former popular anchor Mitch Kessler played by Steve Carell unceremonious exit. We find that Mitch has gone to Italy to hide out and reflect upon the mistakes he made with women. Alex finds out there is going to be a tell all book about Mitch but most of the book is focusing on her, and it’s not making her look like the pro woman, anti-Mitch person that she pretends to be on air. Alex’s life is in a spiral where she is no longer on the show that she put so much time and effort in to be taken away due to the whole Mitch fiasco. Fortunately, Cory Ellison played by Billy Crudup wants Alex back to partner her back with Bradley.

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Bradley is going through her own emotional rollercoaster this season; she gets outed about her relationship with fellow UBA news anchor Laura Peterson played by Julianna Margulies. Bradley’s brother Hal Jackson played by Joe Tippett comes by unexpectedly to tell Bradley that he left their mom’s house and he’s trying to stay sober.

This amongst other things all while the beginnings of the pandemic are coming into play. There were many emotional scenes throughout the season. Mitch and Alex make peace and come to an understanding. Bradley’s brother coming to her job and exposing their family business. Which was well acted by Joe Tippett, and he deserves some type of guest appearance award. We also see how some of the female executives like Mia Jordan played by Karen Pittman who is The Morning Show producer deals with her own rumors about her relationship with Mitch. Stella Bak played by Greta Lee who is the President of News at UBA who must deal with Cory and deal with all the last-minute drama that comes with all the staff and how effects the station and her job.

The season ends with love revelations, an unexpected death and Covid. This was very well acted season. I will not be surprised if most of the cast are nominated for Emmys. The intricate relationships and understandings of the crew and even the all-out fights that can to anyone else be hurtful but when someone is in distress, they put all of that aside to help them through. I hope there is a season 3 so we can see what happens with Alex, Bradley, and the rest of the TMS /UBA family.

Do you watch the Morning Show on AppleTV Plus? How do you feel about this season?

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