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8 Bit Christmas – A familiar but cute story

Source: HBO Max

8 Bit Christmas is sweet story of a father, Jake Doyle (Neil Patrick Harris) telling his daughter Annie (Sophia Reid-Gantzert) about how growing up in the late eighties were obsessed with getting a Nintendo Entertainment System, just like she is with her cell phone. This is opening a flashback dialogue from Jake about everything he went through just to get his own Nintendo system. In these flashbacks, we’re introduced to Jake’s parents, his mom Kathy (June Diane Raphael) and his dad John (Steve Zahn).

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures Youtube Channel

This movie gives me A Christmas Story feel as Jake like Ralphie wanted something that their parents did not want them to have. Both were unrelenting in getting what they want and the story that ensued in them getting it were hilarious. 8 Bit Christmas is not the classic that it wanted to be but it’s still entertaining. We have our bully who we find is a big softie, we also have the rich kid that gets everything and manipulates the kids to wait in line to play with his Nintendo. It was clever how Jake and his friends plotted and planned to pull their funds together and purchase a Nintendo but of course the plan falls through. I do find myself pulling for Jake and his friends to get the Nintendo because I remember as a child of the eighties how popular and hard it was to get the Nintendo system.

Jake doesn’t get his Nintendo in the way he planned bit eventually got one with hard work. Jake with his childhood story emphasizes to his daughter is what’s important. As the story comes back to the adult Jake, Annie learns that family and spending precious time with them is more important than any material thing you may want. 8 Bit Christmas is a cute movie that is where it needs to be which is HBOMAX.

Have you watched 8-bit Christmas? Did you enjoy it and think it’s a classic?

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