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A Quiet Place II is a Loud Adventure!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Source: FandangoNOW

A Quiet Place II picks up where the last movie left off. We see the Abbott family leaving the home that they made and to find other survivors. Director John Krasinski gives us the back story of how these creatures came to town. This is a very cohesive film in the way that everything that happens is believable. The oldest daughter Regan played by Millicent Simmonds is really the hero of the movie. She figures out what the creatures’ weakness are and is determined to let all survivors know.

Source: Paramount Pictures Youtube Channel

Now being a person that jumps watching scary movies, A Quiet Place II gives you a lot. I started at the top of my chair and ended near the bottom. There is a lot of action, and you will see a lot more of the creatures that makes this an edge of your seat movie. The Abbott family while seeing smoke from a factory, go there to see if there are survivors, they come across one survivor of their town Emmett played by Cillian Murphy apprehensively helps the family once he sees that Evelyn, played by Emily Blunt has a baby. The son, Marcus, played by Noah Jupe was hurt from one of the traps that Emmitt set, and Marcus has no choice but to face his fears of the creatures throughout the movie.

The connection between Emmitt and Regan takes on a father daughter connection quickly and at one point we thought Emmitt wasn’t going to help but the teamwork between those two, end up saving a lot of people. The back-and-forth scenes between what is happening between Regan and Emmitt and Evelyn and Marcus was so well shot and suspenseful.

This movie was everything you wanted it to be, a solid sequel that some might say may be better than the original. It’s a must see in a theater. John Krasinski direction was very well done. As a person who can’t handle horror because I jump so much, I enjoyed this movie and if you liked the first one you will like A Quiet Place II.

Will you see A Quiet Place II? Tell me what you think? Let’s discuss.

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Jun 03, 2021

This is on my watch list for this week. Thank you for the review.

Jun 05, 2021
Replying to

Your welcome! Let me know if you enjoyed it.

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