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Abbott Elementary- A hit show that’s built to last!

Source: TV Insider

The new ABC hit Abbott Elementary just finished its first season and what a great season it was. This show is an ode to teachers everywhere and all the behind-the-scenes stuff they must deal with. From staff who should’ve chosen another profession, like Abbott’s current principal Ava Coleman (Janelle James) or those who appreciate their profession, like Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph). We also have all the teachers in between, like the one that wants to improve everything like Janine Teagues (Quinta Brunson), the energetic teacher Jacob Hill (Chris Perfetti), the teacher that’s been at the school for a long time and knows all the ins and outs and watches the newbies break their necks to make changes and to be there when it all goes awry, that’s Melissa Schemmenti (Lisa Ann Walter). Finally, we have the substitute teacher Gregory Eddie (Tyler James Williams).

Source: ABC Youtube Channel

Abbott Elementary is based in Philadelphia, but this school is really a character to school life that can be any school in America. This show is shot with a single camera, and it feels reminiscent of The Office. It’s quirky, funny and pulls at your emotional heartstrings at times. The teachers’ heart is in the right place and at times must manipulate the principle who clearly has no experience to get the supplies and repairs needed for the school. Another character that shines through is the custodian, Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis); he is not just the custodian but the go between for teachers and the lunch staff when they try to bring something healthy for the lunch for kids or a glorified babysitter for the kids who weren’t able to go on the field trip.

Quinta Brunson created a great sitcom that everyone can relate to. The characters are so well written that either you had teachers like Barbara Howard or a sarcastic one like Melissa Schemmenti. Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walters play so well off each other. The looks that Tyler James Williams gives while one of the teachers are giving their interviews into the cameras are hilarious. Janelle James plays the self- centered principal so well and she shines every time she’s on screen. The loving naivety played so well by Chris Perfetti makes you want to root for him to have one the teachers be his friend.

Sitcoms are slowly becoming a lost art but Abbott Elementary is giving hope that they can make a comeback and be entertaining. The scripts are strong, and the acting is superb. You don’t even mind when they break the fourth wall, and it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the story or show.

I highly recommend Abbot Elementary. I was a fan when ABC made the announcement and showed a teaser. Its finally here and didn’t disappoint. I’m looking forward to the second season and wondering which way all the characters will go.

Have you watched Abbott Elementary? Are you still watching sitcoms? Let’s discuss.

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