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Army of the Dead- Not Our Average Zombie Story

Updated: Aug 6, 2021


Zack Snyder Zombie movie is a movie that has episodes of exciting moments to boring ones, the intro was strong and introduces us to the back story of how the crew of mercenaries came to be. The crew is led by Scott Ward played by David Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) forms a group of mercenaries to take on zombies that have over run the city of Las Vegas. Why would a group of mercenaries go into a zombie infested city? Money of course. The group is hired by businessman Hunter Bly played by Hiroyuki Sanada (Westworld) to get $200 million dollars located underneath a casino.

Source: Netflix Youtube Channel

The crew is rounded out by Scott’s daughter Kate played by Ella Purnell (Maleficent), Marianne Peters played by Tig Notaro (Star Trek Discovery), she was a last-minute replacement for Chris D’ella the embattled comedian who had sexual misconduct accusations, unfortunately because of this last-minute replacement her coloring throughout the movie is very distracting due to green screen, but she did very well. Others in the crew of mercenaries are Maria Cruz played by Ana de la Reguera (Eastbound & Down), Ludwig Dietrer played by Matthias Schweighofer (Valkyrie), Vanderohe played by Omari Hardwick (Power), and Burt Cummings played by Theo Rossi (Sons of Anarchy) and Martin played by Garrett Dillahunt (Burn Notice) who is the plant for Hunter Bly who has a different plan than the others.

I will say that the chemistry of the core crew is strong, especially between Ludwig Dieter and Vanderohe. There were times where you root for most of the team and then there are times where you hope the zombies would get some of them. The action is exceptionally good and the twist of having semi evolved zombies makes it more interesting and different. The alphas which are different than your garden variety zombies, made the fight scenes more interesting because they are harder to kill and have a personality. The movie captures you near the end and the possibility of sequel is there.

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is a fun movie that is on Netflix. I was impressed by David Bautista. This was his movie, and he did his job by being a strong leading man. It’s a movie that is unique in the sense you don’t have to wait too long for the action, but you do feel the 2 1/2 hours of this movie. Overall, this was an interesting and entertaining zombie movie with a twist.

Will you be watching Army of the Dead? What did you think? Let’s discuss.

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