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BET Presents The Encore is the Reality show I didn’t know I needed

Updated: Aug 6, 2021


This music reality show executive produced by Carlos King, has 9 women from different groups from the 90s thru the 2000s to come up with an album and performance within 30 days. Now you know 9 women with different personalities there are bound to be clashes. The ladies are Shamari DeVoe of Blaque, Felisha and Fallon King from Cherish, and Irish Grinstead and LeMisha Grinstead from 702, Nivea Nash, Pamela Long from Total, Aubrey O’Day from Danity Kane and Keily Williams of 3LW.

Souce: UrbanBridgez E-Zine Youtube Channel

Let’s just get to it. Aubrey O’Day and Keily Williams clash and for good reason. Keily says things behind people’s backs and when called on it, then she switches it up. Keily is the self-proclaimed creative director and doesn’t want to participate but the ladies need to for her to figure out her purpose.

Now Pam is the one that is the elected “Queen” or arbitrator which is hard to do when one fire starts, and the group resolves it then another one pops up. It’s a lot and this is only the second episode. This show is a cross between The Real Housewives franchise and any pick of reality-based music shows. Some of the ladies do get disrespectful at times but the positive is that they do find ways to resolve their conflicts to move forward.

So far, my favorite is Nivea, she brings the quirky and the mood. Shamari is a reality vet (She did one season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta), but she is one of the people that tries to keep the women on track. Hopefully, this girl group comes together but with Keily trying to figure out if she wants to be creative director or performer and some of the other conflicts, it will not be an easy road for the ladies. I also want to see if Keily continues to create mess and back track when the girls call her out. This series is very entertaining, even with the mess.

BET Presents The Encore is on BET on Wednesdays! Will you be watching? Who’s your favorite? Let’s discuss!

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