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Bruised- A Redemption Story

Source: IMDb

Bruised is about Jackie Justice played by Halle Berry who is a former MMA fighter who fell from grace. We find that Jackie’s boyfriend and manager Desi played by Adan Canto who wants to get Jackie back into the ring and tricks her into going to an underground fight. At the fight, Jackie is taunted by fighter Werewolf played by Amanda Nunes. After Jackie beats her up, a promoter approaches her named Immaculate played by Shamier Anderson, who wants to get Jackie back into the pros. Jackie and Desi are in no shape to take that on but then there’s the sudden arrival of Jackie’s mom Angel played by Adriane Lenox and Jackie’s son Manny played by Danny Boyd Jr. Manny was a witness to his father’s murder and has stopped speaking.

Source: Netflix Youtube Channel

Halle Berry’s first directorial debut is triumphant. We feel for these characters and pull for Jackie to get right for herself and Manny. We see the development of her relationships with her trainers Bobbi played by Sheila Atim and Pops played by Stephen McKinley Henderson. The fight scenes are well shot, that we believe the fight between Jackie and Lady Killer played by Valentina Shevchenko. The fight choreography and Halle’s direction made it more intense.

The acting was great too! Halle herself did a wonderful job. Danny Boyd Jr said so much without saying anything for most of the movie. The third act of the movie plays to your emotions, and you pull for Jackie to win! Halle Berry’s directorial debut should garner her more director jobs. Its hard to direct a movie especially when there is action or fighting scenes involved. Its also difficult to direct yourself. Halle did all of that. I’m looking forward to any future movies she chooses to direct. Bruised is a redemption movie about moving forward from your past bruises and making changes for healing to create a better future.

Did you watch Bruised on Netflix? Did you like the fight scenes? Let’s Discuss!

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Dec 15, 2021

Okay, I finally watched Bruised. Halle Holy Field did her thang. She has definately evolved.


Nov 30, 2021

I am happy you added the preview on Bruised. I am on my computer more than I am in the TV. I am Definitely watching it on tomorrow which is my free time. Thanks for the peak.

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