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Bullet Train is an entertaining ride!

Source: IMDb

Brad Pitt is back in a new action- packed movie Bullet Train. Brad plays “Ladybug” who is on a job filling in for his co-worker. I guess assassins have sick days. Ladybug is on a journey to finding his inner peace when he gets a job to retrieve a briefcase that is on the Japanese bullet train. Ladybug who sees himself as being unlucky, soon finds out that getting something as simple as a briefcase is not as easy as it looks.

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There are so many different storylines going on, that it gave me Snatch vibes,where there were separate storylines, but they all come together at the end. On this train, we meet the twins Aaron Taylor-Johnson who plays “Tangerine” and Brian Tyree Henry who plays “Lemon”. They happen to be the ones who brought the briefcase on the train. We also meet “The Prince” (Joey King) who is an innocent looking schoolgirl who maybe more than what she portrays to be. Along the way, we meet more characters, “The Wolf”(Benito A Martinez Ocasio aka Bad Bunny) and The Hornet (Zazie Beetz). All of them become interested in the briefcase that belongs to “The White Death”.

There were many comedic moments, one being the ongoing hide and seek between Ladybug and the train conductor (Masi Oka). It was also funny when Ladybug (Brad Pitt) would get into sticky situations, he was always trying to find the most Zen way out. One storyline gave me Kill Bill vibes that involve Hiroyuki Sanada’s character. Bullet Train is more action than comedy and has some intense moments. Brad Pitt’s appeal really shows in this movie, especially his interaction with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry. I want to see a straight up action comedy with this trio just without Brian Tyree Henry’s British accent.

Bullet Train is an entertaining, action-packed movie. It started out a little slow in the beginning, but picked up fast. The overall story is a little cliche’ but I can overlook it due to the performances. To me it’s a fun ride that may end up being a cult classic. I enjoyed it; the pacing was a little off but the acting and action made up for it.

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