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Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers

Source: IMDb

Old school favorites Chip n’ Dale are back in a new updated movie adventure now streaming on Disney+. This time we find Chip n’ Dale towards the end of their career and we see how the duo breaks up. We flash to the current time, where we find that Chip (voiced by John Mulaney) is a top Insurance salesperson and Dale (voiced by Andy Samberg) hits the fan conventions and we learn that the duo hasn’t spoken to each other in years. All that changes when their co-star and friend, Monterey Jack (voiced by Eric Bana) tells them he’s in trouble with the Valley Gang due to his stinky cheese addiction. By the time Chip n’ Dale gets to Monterey Jack’s house, they find they he is gone and call the police. There we meet Captain Putty (voiced by J.K. Simmons) and Rookie Ellie Steckler (Kiki Layne), who is the live action character, goes to investigate Monterey Jack’s disappearance.

Source: Walt Disney Studios

The intertwining of live action and cartoon characters is reminiscent of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. There is even an ode to that movie in a hilarious club scene with the actual Roger Rabbit. Throughout the movie you find yourself focusing on the story. KiKi Layne did a wonderful job interacting with the cartoon characters just like Bob Haskins did in the previously mentioned movie. The story takes some twists and turns, but it gives you a satisfying end.

There are many funny moments in this movie, especially when Dale and Ugly Sonic (voiced by Tim Robinson) talk closely to one another you see the camera zooms on Ugly Sonic’s realistic mouth, which was the outrage of the internet which caused an uproar when Sonic the Hedgehog character was released in a sneak peek. There are so many character cameos in this movie that are too many to list. Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers is a fun movie, not exactly for young kids due of the leader of the Valley Gang Sweet Pete voiced by Will Arnett and his dark back story.

If you’re looking for a funny, yet interesting kid, but not so kid movie, then Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers is the movie for you. You’ll find yourself rewinding or watching again just to see all the cameos or Easter eggs that are in the movie, believe me there are a lot, but it is fun to watch and the twist but cliched ending make it so satisfying.

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