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Clickbait: The show is worth the hype

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix new drama series Clickbait starring Adrian Grenier as Nick Brewster, Zoe Kazan as Pia Brewer, Betty Gabriel as Sophie Brewer is a drama thriller about a family man that seem to have a great family life, turn upside down when he is kidnapped and shown online with signs that don’t fit his personality and the chaos and concern his family goes through trying to find out what’s going on.

Source: Netflix Youtube Channel

Nick Brewster is a good man with a loving family whose life is stopped in their tracks when Nick ends up missing and online. His sister Pia and his with Sophie go to the police to confirm that Nick is missing and is the one in the video. From the start, we see the family dynamic between Pia and her mom played by Elizabeth Alexander as they both hope for a safe return of their loved one. That along with Nick’s wife Sophie and their sons Ethan played by Cameron Engels and Kai played by Jaylin Fletcher all learn of the twists and turns of what they think is Nick’s life. Pia also develops a close relationship with officer Roshan Amiri played Phoenix Raei who investigates Nick’s online capture.

The very first episode keep you glued and wanting to know more. The twists and turns to every episode keep you pressing the next episode button. This was very well directed show and acted well by everyone. You can feel the pain and desperation of everyone. This thriller gives you so many hints that its one way, then bam, you get hit with more information that sends you in another and you still won’t know what happened until the last episode. For once the kids are not just background but they get involved, not as involved as their aunt Pia who really shines. Her character can be frustrating, but we know her motivations that is why we continue to root for her.

In the end, this is a captivating show from beginning to end. Not one bad episode, each one sends the story along to get us to the conclusion. This is a must watch, great for binging. The story is super strong and believable to the point where when you get to the end, you’re not disappointed. Take some time to watch Clickbait on Netflix, you won’t regret it.

Did you watch Clickbait? Did you like the twists and turns? Let’s discuss.

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