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Disney’s Jungle Cruise Cruises Along

Source: Disney Movies

The new movie from Disney Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who plays Frank and Emily Blunt who plays Lily Boughton, is an action-packed ride into the Amazon. Jungle Cruise takes us on a journey that’s reminiscent of The Mummy and Indian Jones. The chemistry between Johnson and Blount is palpable, charismatic and believable as we connect with them as the movie goes along. Lily’s brother MacGregor Houghton played by Jack Whitehall is very enjoyable and the comic relief of the movie. His character reminds me of Evie’s brother Jonathan Carnahan in The Mummy who is a little bit of a high society pest that eventually grows on you. It starts out formulaic with Frank being a reluctant Skipper to Lily and MacGregor. The big bad of the movie is Prince Joachim who is a German soldier played by Jesse Plemons. The movie’s is set once Lily gets a hold of an ancient arrow that holds the key to finding an ancient tree with the power to heal. Prince Joachim who wants the arrow and the power of the tree, finds that Lily has taken it and the adventure begins.

Source: Walt Disney Studios

The action in the Jungle Cruise is top notch. The action starts with Lily fighting off Prince Joachim’s men and Frank helping her. This all kicks off the adventure and we find that Lily is a strong character that doesn’t necessarily need Frank to help her out. As the movie goes along, we learn more about Frank and what made him decide to take Lily and MacGregor on this journey, even knowing the danger that they could possibly face. The middle of the movie picks back up after the lull with some character development and connection between the major characters. We also see Prince Joachim, which Jesse Plemons is brilliant being a power- hungry villain. The plot of the story is no more unbelievable than believing the plot of Pirates of the Caribbean. The end of the movie is a Disney ending, so it is satisfying for the viewer.

Overall, this a good movie if you have pre-teens on up. Paul Giamatti plays Nilo, the boss of Frank who constantly wants Frank to pay him money for a new engine. To me, Paul Giamatti was underused but still good for the set-up of the movie. There is a scene that may bring some unnecessary bruhaha but it’s a blip to the overall story. It was a fun adventure ride with some great CGI of the creatures. It was a little long but once it picks back up with the action your back being invested in the story. I wish this was the actual Disney ride at the parks, but I understand why they can’t have that much excitement on the ride even though it’s very enjoyable. I also like that they have Frank make corny jokes just like the “Skippers” of the park ride. Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson are the must see of the movie and keeps this movie afloat. If you miss the theatrical run of this movie don’t worry, it’s a good Saturday afternoon/ evening movie that you can enjoy at home when it comes out on Disney+ for free in a few months, but it was great seeing the action adventure movie, Jungle Cruise on the big screen.

Is Jungle Cruise a must see movie this summer? Will you watch this movie in a theater or at home? Let’s Discuss!

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