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Everything Everywhere All at Once – A Multiverse Tax Audit

Source: Bleeding Cool

The new original movie Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is a unique perspective about life. The movie stars the legendary Michelle Yeoh who plays Evelyn Wang lives her ordinary life as an owner of a laundromat with her husband Waymond Wang (Ke Huy Quan), their daughter Joy (Stephanie Hsu) and Evelyn’s father Gong Gong (played by the iconic James Wong). In the elevator, Waymond changes and tells Evelyn that she is danger and that he needs her help. He then gives her instructions before he goes back to be the regular Waymond. Their business is up for audit, so they take a trip to everyone’s favorite place, the IRS. There, the auditor Deirdre Beaubeir (Jamie Lee Curtis) tells them that some of their claims on their taxes were not valid. While listening to the auditor, Evelyn begins to follow the instructions that were given to her by the Alpha Waymond. This starts Evelyn getting into the multi-verse. Waymond then changes again and explains that he is the Alpha verse Waymond, and he is asking her to help because she exists in different universes and helps the Universe in the future.

There are many actions scenes. Some of the action scenes reminds me of Kung Fu Hustle, the hot dog hands are hilarious. There are some of the other things that they do to enable the characters to be able to jump. When the characters jump, they are using the expertise they have in the other multi verses to use against the big bad in their current one. There are a lot of twist and turns and at one point two characters are rocks and that is when the deepest, existential conversation occurs.

The acting was superb. Michelle Yeoh is and has always been a star and she carries this movie well. Ke Huy Quan in his first major film since The Goonies and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, expect to see him a lot more of him in future movies. Stephanie Hsu who plays their daughter Joy really showed her range. James Wong is a legend, and he hasn’t missed a step or a beat. Jamie Lee Curtis was good as well, as an auditor who we find is affiliated to the Wang’s in the Multi verse.

Source: A24 Youtube Channel

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a great movie that shows you about how the choices you make can affect your whole life. It also tells you to be available for your family and listen when they reach out to you. This movie also points out that in the grand scheme of things we are a tiny particle and participant in this universe so do what makes you happy. This movie really had me thinking, one that the writers Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert also known as the Daniels have a vivid imagination to really get the discussion going about life and how to live it. This movie is action packed but it does manage to make you laugh, cry, and think due to all the symbolism in the movie.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a must-see movie for 2022. The acting, action and symbolism are fun to watch and will have you talking about this movie long after your finished watching it.

Do you plan to see this movie? If you have watched it, what do you think?

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