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Fear Street: A Scary Trilogy

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Fear Street which are based on the R. L. Stine books covers 3 different decades, Part 1 is 1994, Part 2 1978 and Part 3 is 1666. These stories are all tied to a girl named Sarah Fier who was wrongly accused of being a witch back in 1666 and because of this, her death affects 1978 and 1994. We go through 1978 and 1994 trying to figure why there is a serial killer in the small town of Shadyside. I like the main characters throughout the centuries doesn’t matter or make a big deal about color. The main character Sarah/ Deena played by Kiana Madeira and her brother Henry/Josh played by Benjamin Flores Jr. play their roles so well that we never question how they are brother and sister, you know they just are. Sarah has a love Hannah/Sam played by Olivia Scott Welch which plays into the guiding force from 1666 to 1994.

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It’s interesting that this trilogy starts from 1994 and ends in 1666. We go from learning about the curse of Sarah Fier to finding out why and what caused the curse to happen. The scariness and gore are more prevalent in 1994 and 1978. The multiple killers that come to life during 1994 and 1978 series. We start like most scary movies in the 1994 series of the outsider Sarah and the obnoxious friends who begrudgingly hang with her. We see the teens at a football game with neighboring Sunnyside who looks down on the people of Shadyside because they are known for the murders that have occurred. The opening is reminiscent of the first Scream movie and really draws the audience in to find out what the heck is going on. We understand what drives Sarah and amid all the craziness and dodging death, she finds the only survivor of the massacre that occurred in the 1978 series.

In the 1978 series, we find that this is a throwback to the Friday the 13th series. We find that this cast are at Camp Nightwing, and you know nothing good ever happens at Camps. This is true here. The 1978 series out gores the 1994 one. Some of the killings made me sad as the innocents gets caught up because they are in the way of who the killer really wants. To this point, the uncomfortableness of these killings makes you even more curious about what is driving this to happen and if it can ever stop. While we recover from the events of 1978, we go back to 1666.

We see Sarah through the eyes if Deena and we see all that she went through and how even in death she has a strong grip on the town of Shadyside. Like most old stories or tales that are sent down through generations we never truly get the whole story. We see that this small town driven by misogyny takes a turn when Sarah and Hannah turn away unwanted advances. The repercussions of that one act start a series of events that last through centuries. This story explains all three and helps Deena understand Sarah’s motivation. This is much darker than I can imagine the R.L. Stine books to be, but the stories are put together in such a way that you are drawn to them. If horror movies and I would also say murder mysteries are your thing, then this trilogy is for you. I enjoyed it and I hope they do more.

Did you read R.L. Stine when you were young? Do you like that this series took a mature take on the story? Let’s discuss.

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