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Ginny and Georgia: Survival of the Fittest

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Source: IMDb

I know I’m late to the party, but I just finished binge watching Ginny and Georgia on Netflix. I first heard about the show with the whole Taylor Swift line, but this show is so much more than that one line. It’s a story of survival and trauma. This show is about Georgia Miller played by Brianne Howey and how she has survived since becoming a teen mom to Ginny played by Antonia Gentry and her struggles to get through society being an uneducated yet street start mom. Ginny and Georgia is a dramedy that focuses on the coming of age of Ginny and Georgia trying to find a stable life for her children Ginny and Austin, who is played by Diesel La Torraca.

This show takes us on a journey of how Georgia maneuvered her way through life raising Ginny the best way she knew how. She manipulated situations and then ran to the next town. Ginny and Georgia settle in a New England town where Ginny is 15 but by mid-season, she is 16 and is making friends and falling in love. Georgia is pretty much doing the same things, making new friends and getting a new job working for the mayor. As Ginny and Georgia both get through relationships issues, Ginny’s dad Zion Miller played by Nathan Mitchell comes to town when Georgia is knee deep in a relationship with Mayor Paul Randolph played by Scott Porter who is in a middle of a re-election campaign against the popular town mom Cynthia Fuller played by Sabrina Grdevich who is doing everything in her power to get the town to look down on Georgia.

Meanwhile, Ginny is making friends with her new friend group, Abby, played by Katie Douglas, Norah played by Chelsea Clark and Max played by Sara Waisglass. They are all going through teenage angst and handling their pain in destructive ways. Ginny is settling in and is caught in a love triangle of Marcus who is Max’s twin brother played by Felix Mallard and Hunter played by Mason Temple. As with all teen angst it doesn’t end well.

Ginny and Georgia takes a dark turns due to Georgia’s past which creeps back to her present. All the things that Georgia did to get to where she is at could possibly go up in flames if she doesn’t get things under control. She manages to stay a step ahead of her arch nemesis Cynthia and private detective Gabriel Cordova played by Alex Mallari Jr, who was hired by the family of Georgia’s last husband to investigate his death. These situations that Georgia has kept from Ginny come to the forefront and Georgia only tells Ginny so much but as the series goes along Ginny learns so much more and we even see her transformation into Georgia.

This show has so many relationship and survival dynamics. Ginny has learned from her mom that when things get tough, you run. Georgia, who is so caught up with her life, doesn’t realize that Ginny knows more about her past than she wants; and that her son, Austin, discovers some truths about his mom as well. This boy has issues that Georgia has ignored and really needs to be addressed but she is clearly in denial.

There are many side characters that I like which is Max and Marcus’s mom Ellen played by Jennifer Robertson and her husband Clint Baker played by Chris Kenopic and Joe played by Raymond Ablack who is Ginny’s boss at the Blue Farm Café. Ginny and Georgia is an excellent series that shows that survival of the fittest may not always be the best way to handle your life!

Have you watched Ginny and Georgia? What do you think of their relationship? Let’s discuss!

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