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Halloween Kills: An ode to the original Halloween movie!

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Michael Myers is back and this time he’s back from the dead once again and starting right back where he left in 2018 Halloween movie. We see Laurie Strode played by the iconic Jamie Lee Curtis and her daughter Karen Nelson played by Judy Greer and granddaughter Allyson Nelson played by Andi Matichak leaving their house where they left Michael to burn and die. We know that Michael doesn’t die and therefore the poor firefighters who are trying to put out the fire get the wrath of Michael.

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There were some flashback scenes from the original 1978 Halloween movie. We see some of the characters from that movie in present day. We see Deputy Frank Hawkins played by Will Patton, Tommy Doyle, played by Anthony Michael Hall, who was the little boy who Laurie Strode babysat during the first encounter, Lindsey Wallace played by Kyle Richards who was another one of the kids that Laurie babysat, and Marion Chambers played by Nancy Stephens who was the assistant to Dr. Sam Loomis, who was the doctor who was trying to help Michael.

In this movie, the town is in an uproar upon learning of Michael’s survival. No one is more upset than Laurie Strode and her family. Tommy vows to protect her and gets the townspeople all up in arms and decide to go after Michael to show that there is strength in not showing fear. Laurie is not in this movie a lot since she is recovering from her last interaction with Michael. Instead, we find her pontificating about how Michael gets stronger by feeding off the evil of people. In this movie, the focus is more on Laurie’s daughter and grand daughter and how they want to end it with Michael.

This movie tries to clean up plot holes between the original and the 2018 movie. As a person who really jumps during scary movies, this is gorier which lives up to the kills part of the title. I’m also happy that this was a at home option because I would be a little upset if I paid for it. It’s cool to reminisce about the original and see some of the characters grown up but there really isn’t a real purpose for it. Halloween Kills is an ok movie to watch when there is nothing else to see, and it is clearly setting up for the final sequel called Halloween Ends, which comes out next year. All I can say is that I hope the story and action is a lot better in that movie than this one.

Will you be watching Halloween Kills at the movies or on Peacock? Let me know what you think?

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