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Juneteenth and Father’s Day Weekend

Source: BayView Opera House

Coming out of a year where all the holidays were basically being at home with your family pod, this year we can go outside and celebrate. Father’s Day is the first major holiday where we can go beyond our pods and invite family over for BBQ’s or go out and about or even dine in at your favorite restaurants. This year, Father’s Day and Juneteenth fall on the same weekend, so there are loads of outside activities that the family can enjoy.

You can check your city events to see what you can do to celebrate Juneteenth and Father’s Day. All the theme parks are open everywhere and so are the movies. In the olden times, which is pre-2020, this would be the start of the big Summer Blockbuster Movies season. Instead, the first summer blockbuster movie is Fast and Furious 9 followed by Black Widow. Now if staying in is what you want to do to avoid people and the heat, then you have great shows on Disney+ like LOKI or catch up to WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier or family friendly movies like SOUL or Raya and the Last Dragon. You also have Netflix, HULU, HBO MAX and Amazon Prime amongst other streaming sites to catch up on your favorite shows and clear up that DVR. Oh, and let’s not forget sports where you can catch a baseball game or the NBA playoffs.

Source: Movieclips Trailer Youtube Channel

This is really the first year that there has been a tremendous focus on Juneteenth. There are a ton of local celebrations, so again check your city event listing for all the Juneteenth celebrations. Again, if being outside is not your thing right now, there are a lot of documentaries and shows from 13th to High on the Hog out there for you to learn more about Juneteenth and why it is so important. Check all the channels like ABC, PBS, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Amazon Prime for tv shows, movies and documentaries that touch upon or speak to the black experience to help understand how and why systematic racism was created and still exist to this day and why Juneteenth is extremely important for all people to not just celebrate but educate the importance of Black people to America.

Source: ABC News Youtube Channel

Whether you decide to go out to celebrate Juneteenth and your father, its not lost on me that we are celebrating the person who is responsible for helping create us and their contribution to our growth and celebrating the black experience and the contribution to America’s growth.

How will you be celebrating Juneteenth and Father’s Day? Is one more important to you than the other? Let’s Discuss!

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