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Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce! – An inside look at a movement!

Source: Landmark Theatres

Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce recaps the Renaissance tour that Beyonce and her crew embarked upon early this year. I was one of the people who attended her show. I was at the Las Vegas Day 2 show. This concert was amazing, and the energy was top-tier. You felt that live and you feel that in this film. Beyonce shows how difficult it was to put together this high-end live show. This film also highlighted some of her dancers that became fan favorites. One being the co-captain Amari “Monster” Marshall. Not only was she the co-captain but she also had the task of teaching Blue Ivy Carter a routine for the show and watching over her on stage. It’s a huge compliment when the mother states my child is safe with you, especially when the mother is Beyonce. The other highlight was her trumpet player, Crystal Torres, who was very much pregnant on tour, and how as the tour went on and the band performed during the breaks, the crowd was very much interested in Crystal and the Renaissance baby.

Source: Beyonce Youtube Channel

Beyonce shows that she loves her fans, and she wants to make sure that, when they attend her show, they feel her love and appreciation. The visual interludes were top-notch futuristic gems that show that Beyonce and her fans are in a Renaissance of renewal and to come along with her on this journey. The journey that Beyonce went through for the past two years to give us this masterpiece of a stage performance won’t be topped for a long time. This film gives us insights into the strength of Beyonce to not only give her fans everything but also to make sure her family gets time with her as well.

If you didn’t get to see the Renaissance tour in person, this film will give you the energy and the feel of what we saw of this magnificent stage show in person. At my viewing, we went on mute. We also danced not as much as others at other viewings, but it was still a fun time. Of course, we all were emotional when Tina Knowles started discussing Uncle Johnny, who Beyonce famously mentions in the song, “Heated.” It’s touching that even though he was afraid his family gave him an outlet for making clothes so that he could be free to be who he was. You can tell he made an impact on the family and Beyonce. Renaissance is her ode to her uncle and all her fans who feel out of place. Beyonce’s Renaissance is all about accepting who you are and feeling empowered by it. Uncle Johnny is smiling down proud, that his passing has inspired his niece to feel love. The Renaissance:  A Film by Beyonce is a must-see.

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