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Living in Post Covid Entertainment World

Updated: May 27, 2021


Now that we are in a world where vaccines are available and CDC guidelines are letting us go out and play, how will this affect the entertainment industry? We, the public have been used to the big blockbuster movie, concert, play or sporting event and waiting in anticipation for that big game or event. People saving money for tickets to their favorite team, movie, play or concert, all for a nice afternoon or an evening getaway into the world of movies, music and fantasy.

March of 2020 took all of that away and we began paying for all of our entertainment exclusively online. There has been the launch of every streaming service known to man and paying for premium movies and shows at home. Some musicians even gave free concerts. Before covid, the rush of buying a new outfit, getting your hair done and getting your pre- game going out with your family and friends all changed. After March, you only had to enjoy these things with people in your bubble or with your friends on Zoom.

Now in March of 2021, the good thing is that we were able to save money because we could watch movies and concerts in the comfort of our own home in our pajamas. Club Quarantine with DJ Nice gave us the Friday and Saturday night grooves we needed to get that going out mood and other DJ’s soon followed. For worshippers we had online church, musicians had to get out of their comfort mode and engage with their fans online and Verzuz from Swizz Beats and Timbaland was born. Award shows showed our favorites dressed to the nine’s in their home. We all as a collective became a close community. We as a people grew closer because we all were in this lockdown struggle together.

Things are opening back up and we are starting to get the entertainment that we were not able to enjoy in over a year back. We can now attend sporting events, movies, theme parks, and soon concerts and plays. As we began our new normal, I’m personally excited to go back to the movie theaters which I have done few times watching Godzilla vs. Kong and Mortal Kombat. I also look forward to watching Black Widow when it comes out on July 9th. This movie will be that big summer block bluster that we all look forward to and will give that feel of going back to normal.

Tell me what are you looking forward to doing first when you decide to venture out and enjoy some entertainment?

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I'm looking forward to travelling again and meeting up with friends.

Jun 05, 2021
Replying to

Me too! I also look forward to going to all my theme parks .

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