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Loki! Opens the Multiverse

Source: IGN

Season 1 of Loki has ended and now we are left with so many more questions. We found out about the TVA and why it was created and why keeping the sacred timeline intact is important. We learn more about Loki through his variant Sylvie and their journey in this series. In the beginning, we learn that Loki is the Loki from 2012 after the events of The Avengers. At that time, Loki was about power and finding his glorious purpose. Well, this series seem to help Loki find the latter. Through all the twists and turns that are taken in this show, Loki finds that he can have a friend, who he has in Morbius and feel an emotional connection with Sylvie who is just a variant of himself. Sylvie does not trust people and it takes her awhile to trust Loki. While we see the growth of Loki we also learn about time.

Source: Marvel Entertainment Youtube Channel

Time is a central character of the show. Through Loki and Sylvie’s time in the TVA and when they eventually go on the run, they find that time is infinite. Variants exists in other time realms and that could be a problem. Another factor of this show is free will. Loki and Sylvie think that if it’s known that everyone at the TVA is a variant then they will have free will. The question that we need to ask is in the Marvel Universe, is do people have free will? I think the upcoming Spiderman: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may not only help answer the question of free will but also answer the question of time. Time became important toward the end of phase 3 starting with Doctor Strange and eclipsing with Avengers Infinity War and Endgame.

Loki continues this quest with time but this time the multiverse is a reality. The show itself is shot beautifully but the action in the earlier part of the series seemed lackluster as compared to the fight scene in the final episode. I don’t know if this is due to the actors being more comfortable with one another or connection. Loki and Sylvie played by Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino have great chemistry with one another. Mobius played by Owen Wilson makes you root for him even when he is going against Loki. He sparked up every scene he was in. Rounding out this great cast is Gugu Mbatha-Raw who played Ravonna who is devoted to the TVA and Wunmi Mosaku played Hunter B-15 who has a journey of her own in this show. Finally, I can’t forget Miss Minutes voiced by Tara Strong who maybe more important to this story than we realize.

I’m looking forward to watching season 2 of Loki just to see where we see all these characters are in their journey after the rest of the Marvel movies and shows related to time and multiverse come out.

Did you enjoy the Loki series? Do you have your thoughts and theories on how it will affect phase 4? Let’s discuss!

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