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Luca: An Ode to Friendship

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Source: IMDb

Disney and Pixar’s new movie Pixar is a movie about Luca Paguro voiced by Jacob Tremblay who is a sea monster that is fascinated with the human world. Luca eventually goes on land against his parents wishes and makes friends with Alberto Scorfano voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer, who is also a sea monster and Luca is entranced by how carefree Alberto is and joins in Alberto’s obsession with getting a Vespa. Due to this Vespa obsession, the boys go into town and befriend Giulia Marcovaldo voiced by Emma Berman to try and find a Vespa. The movie is set in a seaside town on the Italian Riviera. Maya Rudolph and Jim Gaffigan are the voices of Luca’s parents and Saverio Raimondo voiced the antagonist Ercole Visconti.

Source: Pixar Youtube Channel

Luca is very naïve and trusts Alberto to a fault. The entrance of Giulia into the friendship opens a new dynamic within the trio. The beginning of the movie falls a little flat and I really don’t feel any emotions for the main characters until mid- way through the movie. I do find that the middle and the end is a lot stronger than the set up in the beginning. You can tell that Luca’s mom is overprotective and his father just goes along.

Luca focuses on trust, friendship and being an outsider, all three feel like there are some types of outsiders. Luca and Alberto feel they are outsiders because they are sea monsters and Guilia because she comes part time to the seaside town to visit her father. Usually, with Pixar or Disney movies they get adults drawn in but to me, this movie was targeted to the children or pre- teens, learning to teach people that your character is more important that your looks and that trust and friendship will win out in the end.

Luca is a cute film which is slow in pace but eventually gets to its point. I don’t think Luca is destined to be a Disney or Pixar classic, but Luca is an entertaining, afternoon movie.

Did you enjoy Luca? Where does it stand among your animated favorites? Let’s Discuss.

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