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Moonfall- A Thrilling Sci-Fi Disaster Film!

Source: NBC Palm Springs

Director Roland Emmerich is a disaster film rollercoaster that takes you on an emotional and fast paced ride. Moonfall which stars Halle Berry who plays Jacinda “Jo” Fowler and Patrick Wilson as Brian Harper who are former astronauts who learn that a space incident that they participated in years ago may not have been accidental as NASA wanted to make it seem. It’s not until K.C. Houseman played by John Bradley finds out before all the experts that the Moon is out of orbit.

Source: IGN YouTube channel

What I loved about Moonfall is that it does not take long for the action to start. I like the fact that the players involve come to the same conclusion at the same time and it makes sense. This movie needs to be seen in IMAX due to the CGI and big disaster scenes in the movie. The waves and the water looked realistic to the point you find yourself telling the characters to get out of the way before a huge tsunami sized wave comes crashing down.

The chemistry between Berry and Wilson was palpable and I was happy they didn’t go down that trope of putting them together. They did argue like an old married couple, but you can tell there was mutual respect and a deep friendship between the two. Bradley’s character Houseman is the comic relief in the movie but by the end he will have you pulling at your heart strings. I like the fact that each character has a strong motivation to save the planet. Yes, Berry’s character has a child, but she doesn’t lose him (This is a joke about when Berry has kids in a movie, they usually have a sad outcome). Wilson’s Harper has a son with his ex-wife and due to his father’s past, this has affected the son who gets into trouble, but that trouble ends up saving not only his life but the life of others. Michael Pena plays Tom Lopez, the new husband of Harper’s ex-wife who not only plays a role in Harper’s son’s life, but he also has two daughters, and they all try to navigate through this disaster. Pena has a short, yet emotional impact in the movie.

Moonfall questions what we think about the moon and humanity. There are scenes where the world is ending but people still attack other people. This movie starts out fast and ends making you feel relieved. There is moment where you’re holding on to your seat and moments when you want to tell the characters to hurry up. Moonfall is a fun sci-fi disaster film that holds up as well as as others that we’ve seen in the past. Moonfall is an entertaining, thought-provoking disaster film that addresses the environment and humanity in a subtle way.

Will you be seeing Moonfall? Did this movie change your mind at the way you look at the moon? Let’s discuss!

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