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Morbius – The Living Vampire

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Morbius starring Jared Leto as the title character, has finally come out after two years of delays. There has been a lot of discussion and commentary about how it’s horrible or the worst movie ever. As a person whose seen Pluto Nash and The Fantastic Four, Morbius is not the worst movie ever. Is it the best? No, but at least its watchable and entertaining.

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Dr. Michael Morbius is a scientist who has a rare blood disease; his mission is to cure everyone who suffers from this same fate. As a child, Dr. Morbius befriended Milo named Loxias Crown (played by Matt Smith) but Morbius named him Milo after a boy who passed away. Dr. Emil Nicholas played by Jared Harris is like a father figure for both and runs a facility for terminally ill children. Dr. Nichols sees that Michael is special and encourages him to go to the gifted program. We jump to 25 years later and we find that Dr. Morbius is an extraordinarily successful scientist who created artificial blood and Milo has done well for himself also. Milo and Morbius are still close and even with all of his accolades, Morbius vows to find a cure. Dr. Morbius finds that the basis of his cure are bats. While Dr. Morbius finds a potential cure, Milo finances Dr. Morbius and scientist Martine Bancroft (played by Adria Ajorna), a vessel to go into international waters to see if the cure works. It works, but there are side effects. Michael has super strength, speed, reflexes, and senses but he needs blood to keep him from being out of control.

The conflict comes when Milo finds out about the cure and we learn that Milo has been jealous of what Dr. Morbius has; so much so, that he frames him for murders that Morbius did not commit due Milo getting this so called cure himself. This where we meet FBI Agent Simon Stroud (played by Tyrese Gibson) and his partner Alberto “Al” Rodriguez played by Al Madrigal. They are hot on the tail of Morbius. You can tell these FBI Agents are not surprised that there is a vampire like killer on the loose, as some easter eggs in the film show some other Spiderman type foes in the news.

Morbius was a solid movie. Not horrible. The plot is believable. It falls apart with the end credits which according to Director Daniel Espinosa was something he had to add; therefore, it seems a little out of place. To me, this movie is setting up Sinister 6 and Blade. I wouldn’t mind another Morbius movie, it just has to be more cohesive if it’s going to connect to other Marvel or Sony properties. If this is the way Sony is trying to go, then they need to take notes from Marvel and flesh out a solid storyline throughout the different Universes and decide which Spiderman they are going to use. Again, Morbius wasn’t horrible, and it could’ve been better, but I will forgive it since it’s technically three years old.

Did you watch Morbius? What did you think!

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