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Mother’s Day and Socializing

Updated: May 13, 2021

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This past weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day. Most people haven’t been able to see their mothers or their family members in over a year. Now for those whose moms are angels, I’m sure you made this a day to remember and do things in their memory. Now that we can gather, it’s important to surround yourself with family and friends.

This year due to vaccinations and Covid numbers going way down, we were able to gather. People had small gatherings, BBQ’s and in some instances went to restaurants to enjoy the day. We are slowly getting back to some normalcy that we had before March of last year. We can finally see friends and family safely and have drinks, talk and laugh.

My Mother’s Day was extremely low key as it usually is. This is the second year we celebrated with my mom in her home. We usually go out to a restaurant but she’s a little apprehensive about going back. She will eventually go to one but when you’re used to being at home, you make home plans. We ordered food, enjoyed some shows and talked about family and friends. It was really good to be out and to see my mom and enjoy her chocolate cake.

The next major holiday is Memorial Day. A huge day for families. This is a day that we BBQ and go out to parks. Now we can gather outside and enjoy the presence of others and reacquaint ourselves with socializing.

Mother’s Day is a day we honor the women that brought us into this world and the ones who raised us. It has been hard for everyone this past year not to able to see loved ones in person but this year we were able to. Hopefully, if things continue to improve, we will get to socialize and gather with the important women and people in our lives moving forward.

Are you ready to get back out and socialize? Have you been able to see your mom or other family members? Let’s discuss!

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Unknown member
May 15, 2021

I've been lucky to be able to see my mom and I just went out with friends. Who are you looking forward to seeing?

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