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Netflix Fatherhood is a Big Emotional Love Fest

Updated: Aug 6, 2021


The new Kevin Hart lead Netflix movie Fatherhood which is based on the book Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love by Dana Stevens is a love letter to fathers. Matthew Logelin played by Hart loses his wife suddenly and is faced with raising his daughter Maddy, played by Melody Hurd.

Source: Netflix Youtube Channel

The first five minutes of the movie and the tears are already falling. Matthew must face life as a single father and his loved ones, including Matthew himself have doubts that he can raise Maddy on his own. As we see Matthew navigate fatherhood, working and eventually dating life his focus is always trying to do what’s best for his daughter Maddy. Seeing Matthew go through guilt in his decisions and trying to do what’s best pulls at your heartstrings.

Kevin Hart did a great job in his second major dramatic role in Fatherhood. His first one was the Upside, is coming into his own in this dramatic role. Kevin held his own with the great Alfre Woodard who played his mother-in-law Marian and his father-in-law by the great Frankie Faison. It was great to see Paul Reiser who played Paul, Matthew’s boss. The chemistry with Matthew and his best friends, Oscar played by Anthony Carrigan and Jordan played by Lil Rel Howery who act like surrogate god fathers to Maddy and help Matthew through this journey.

Fun fact: Deborah Ayorinde who plays the wife of Kevin Hart and Melody Hurd who plays Maddy played mother and daughter in the Lena Waite produced series, THEM.

Fatherhood comes out right in time for Father’s Day. It is a great love story for daughters who had loving fathers in their life who were there for them through thick and thin. Just be warned you may need to see something funny to get out of the feels that this movie will give you.

Do you plan on watching Fatherhood? Do you like Kevin Hart the serious actor? Let’s discuss.

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