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Netflix Hit and Run: A Suspenseful Whodunnit

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The Netflix series Hit and Run stars Lior Raz as Sergev Azulai, Sanaa Lathan as Naomi Hicks, Gregg Henry as Martin Wexler, Kaelen Ohm as Danielle Wexler and Gal Toren as Ron Harel. This is an Israeli show that has subtitles, but it doesn’t interfere at all with the story or the pace. The action begins once Danielle Wexler is killed, and her husband Sergev learns that his wife’s death is no ordinary hit and run. This story starts in Tel Aviv but ends up in the streets of New York City because that’s what international intrigue tends to do.

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In his search to learn the truth behind his wife’s death, he seeks help from a former flame, reporter Naomi Hicks who gets involved with finding out what happened with his wife. Sergev also enlists the assistance of his old partner from his military days Ron. He also reaches out to Danielle’s father Martin for answers, but Sergev learns that Martin knows more about what happened to his wife than what he is telling. Every episode, we learn more about Sergev’s wife Danielle and we, along with Sergev, wants to know what’s going on. The twists and turns in every episode keep you on the edge of your seat. His best friend back in Tel Aviv is pregnant police officer Tali Shapira played by Moran Rosenblatt and while investigating the accident, finds that she may also be in way too deep and knows some of the dangerous players involved.

Netflix Hit and Run series is suspenseful, from episode 1 to episode 9. Lior Raz is very believable as a former military veteran who was living a simple life until his world was turned upside down by the death of his wife. You feel his pain and disbelief as he goes on this journey to the learn the truth behind his wife’s death. Sanaa is great as the journalist who is awakened not only by her former flame but the story he brings that gives her the passion that she’s been missing in her life. The chemistry between Lior and Sanaa was great. Overall, this is a strong cast, and you get pulled in rooting for them to get out of the precarious situations that they find themselves in on the road to the truth. If you don’t mind reading subtitles, this a strong show that is suspenseful and entertaining.

Will you be watching Hit and Run-on Netflix? Do you mind watching movies with subtitles? Let’s discuss!

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