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Netflix The Circle -Season 3

Source: Marie Claire

Season 3 of Netflix’s Reality Game Show The Circle has concluded and chosen its winner! The Circle is a game show where 13 strangers are in a one-bedroom apartment and never see anyone in person. The game show is an influencer-based show and the more popular you are the more you may be able to become the Influencer whose decision will end a player’s time in the game.

Source: Netflix Youtube Channel

This season we had 13 great personalities who all made you feel bad as they all were voted out. During the game, you do learn the personalities and some of the personal struggles of some of the players of the game. Learning their back story helps you find your favorites and pull you in to see who the finalist will be. As we go through the weeks and see alliances form, we are also entertained with the private conversations and how some players use those conversations to find out of their fellow players are catfish (fake profile) or real people.

After watching 13 episodes and seeing the doubts, the emotions and the painful eliminations we finally come to the final 5 people of The Circle. The top two players were Kai and Nick. They played long and hard during these past 13 weeks. They began has enemies, moved to having a truce and even an alliance but in the end that made the finals, and they were happy with that. Isabella (really Sophia) and Ashley (really Matthew) were all in an alliance with Nick and that alliance got them to the finals. The most remarkable game player was James. He was in an alliance with Kai and even though other players were voted out, one by James himself, he and Kai still managed to make the finals.

Everyone in the final 5 deserve to be in the finals. They lied, exaggerated and exposed their lives, heart and stories touched the audience and made this season of The Circle one of the best. I won’t spoil who won but the winner deserved The Circle crown.

Are you watching the 3rd season of Netflix’s The Circle? Who do you want to win? Let’s Discuss.

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