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Nine Perfect Strangers- A Psychological Mystery

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Nine Perfect Strangers starring Nicole Kidman as Masha, owns a wellness retreat called Tranquillum House. This where we meet 9 people who need to heal and transform. These 9 strangers open themselves up to the treatments and sessions thought up by Masha where we learn the secrets and trauma of the 9 strangers. The 9 strangers are Melissa McCarthy as Frances Welty a struggling novelist, Luke Evans who plays Lars Lee who is not what he appears, Bobby Cannavale as Tony Hogburn who is a former footballer player whose hiding his struggles, Regina Hall plays Carmel Schneider a single mother whose dealing with the loss of her marriage, young couple Jessica Chandler played by Samara Weaving is a social influencer and her husband Ben Chandler played by Melvin Gregg is a lottery winner, the Marconi family , which is Napoleon played by Michael Shannon, his wife Heather played by Asher Keddie and daughter Zoe played by Grace Van Patten who are mourning the loss of their son and twin brother.

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Masha and her workers Delilah played by Tiffany Boone and Yao played by Manny Jacinto who Masha depends on to help her run Tranquillium, has an intimate relationship with both Delilah and Yao. At Tranquillium, Masha and her staff gives juiced up smoothies to the guest to loosen them up. The different exercises that Masha has the group involved in get intense. The more the show goes on, the more we see these characters open themselves up about their insecurities, fears and trauma. We also learn the real reason why Masha opened the treatment resort and who seems to want her dead. The mystery and intrigue of Masha, the surprising reveal of the Marconi family, the insecurities of Frances, the weakness of Tony, the realization of the Chandlers of what would make them happy in life and Carmel facing the reality of her situation all of this keeps you seeing the series through.

This show’s acting was superb. If Regina Hall doesn’t get nominated for an Emmy for her role as Carmel it will be a crime. Regina Hall brought so much emotion and passion into her role. The scenes between her and Nicole Kidman, who was excellent as well, were intense with the strong monologues that they gave. Nine Perfect Strangers is a tale of how if you don’t deal with the stuff in your life in will tend to fester and run over you unless you release.

Nine Perfect Strangers is a great psychological movie with intense scenes and great acting that somehow ties all these individual stories into Masha’s story. Nine Perfect Strangers is now streaming on Hulu.

Did you watch Nine Perfect Strangers? Did you think it was intense? Let’s Discuss.

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