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On My Block – The best send off!

Source: Youtube

On My Block is now streaming it last and fourth season on Netflix. This season picks up where Season 3 left off. We last our group of friends going on their own separate ways. Monse’ Finnie played by Sierra Capri is at the all-girls school and heading home for break, Ruben “Ruby” Martinez played by Jason Genao is now with Jasmine played by Jessica Marie Garcia, Jamal Turner played by Brett Gray went from nerd to jock and ladies man and Cesar Diaz played by Diego Tinoco is now part of the Santos gang and estranged from his brother “Spooky” played by Julio Macias.

Source: Netflix Youtube Channel

The FreeRidge crew start off the fourth season separated but if you watched the past seasons, they eventually would work their way back to one another. The plot of this season was pretty much that no matter what happens your devoted friends will always be there for you.

This final season answered a lot of questions that were generated from the previous seasons. Cesear learns that alienating his friends and especially his brother comes at a price. Monse’ finds her place back in the friend group by becoming close to Jasmine and clearing up a miscommunication between her and Jamal. The parents finally find out about all the shenanigans and chaos that the kids have been in for the past three seasons. That scene was funny, and it also showed that they aren’t as attentive to their kids as they thought they were. One of the most poignant scenes this season is the relationship between Jamal and Abuelita. The chemistry between those two continues and she leans on him to advised him to always be there for Ruby. Another emotional relationship in the show is between Cesar and his older brother Spooky. All Spooky wants is for Cesar to get away from the Santos gang and start anew with him and his wife in Portland.

There are some scenes that went on too long for me, especially the ones between Cesar and his girlfriend Vero played by Nikki Rodriguez. I understand it’s to show that Cesar moved on from Monse’ but Vero, just like the rest of them, know that Cesar and Monse’ were meant to be together. This season we do get to see Chivo again played by Emilio Rivera where he and his quirky gnomes come back but this time, we get to meet the real-life Little Ricky played by Cesar Garcia who the finally meets the kids and explain the whole roller world plot that we learned about in Season 1.

The final season of On My Block was not as strong as the first but gave you enough of an emotional finality to be satisfied. Overall, we will miss the kids of FreeRidge: Monse,’ Cesar, Jamal, Ruby and even Jasmine whose character arc grew the most over these past four seasons., In the end, they all learned a lot about themselves, as well as each other and are stronger because of it. I enjoyed this final season and as season finale’s go it feels complete. Now from what I’ve read there may be a spinoff so look out for that. On My Block is currently streaming on Netflix!

Did you watch all four seasons? Are you sad this show ended? Let’s discuss.

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My son (in his twenties) watches this. He normally have a good eye for a good series. I will give it a chance and my feed back. Sounds interesting though.

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