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Prey- An Excellent Prequel

Source: Xenopedia-Fandom

Prey is a prequel to the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger led film Predator. This movie starts in 1719, where we meet Naru (Amber Midthunder) from the Comanche tribe. She is the sister of Taabe (Dakota Beavers), who is one of the lead hunters. Naru also wants to be a hunter to the chagrin of their mother Aruka (Michelle Thrush). Naru and her trusty dog, Saril, go out hunting and she sees the first signs of something different in the sky that looks like flying fire. Naru tries to warn her tribe, but they don’t believe her. Naru, wanting to prove to her brother and fellow hunters that she can hunt, sees the Predator (Dane DiLiegro) and is intrigued and scared.

Source: 20th Century Studios Youtube Channel

This movie highlights Naru and her quest to prove to her mother, brother and her fellow tribe members wrong. She wants to show everyone, including herself, that she can hunt and that she can be a warrior. Taabe is apprehensive about letting his sister hunt, but he knows that she is a great tracker. While out hunting, the crew meet the Predator, but they also find that they have more things to fight, which are fur trappers.

Naru’s struggle to be an equal to the men in her tribe and to be taken seriously, is what women are still trying to do to this day. Prey also shows you that you can have beauty, brains, and brawn to be a hunter and a warrior. The scenes with the Predator are gruesome but it displays the Predators advanced technologies which Naru observes. Naru watches the Predator attack a bear and the fur trappers and learn his weaknesses.

Prey is a strong prequel to the Predator movies. It could even be one of the best after the original of the Predator series. It doesn’t show why and for what purpose that the Predators chose Earth, but that even if you defeat one, more may be on the horizon. Director Dan Trachtenberg did a fantastic job directing the action scenes. The story was strong, and the lead Amber Midthunder did an excellent job as Naru showing her strength and wit. Her will to survive and to help her tribe. She made you root for her and her dog Saril throughout. Prey is a must-see sci-fi action thriller that you can watch without seeing the original Predator.

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