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See: A family Battle Royale

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

The second season of See was even more intense than the first. Baba Voss played by Jason Momoa is the main storyline this season. Baba Voss learns who has kidnapped his daughter Haniwa played by Nesta Cooper, who is one of the rare people whose has their full eyesight. Haniwa along with her brother Kofun played by Archie Madekwe are one of the many children of Jerlamarel played by Joshua Henry, who is a sighted man, fathered many children who all have sight. This is a threat to the people without sight due to a virus that took out most of humanity in the twenty first century which less than two million people survived, and their descendants sight lost.

The first season we learned about Baba Voss, his wife Maghra Kane who is a princess who her family learned about near the end of the season and heir to the throne but her sister Sibeth Kane played brilliantly by Sylvia Hoeks who every time she is on screen I just want someone to kill her. She will do anything even sacrifice her own people to hold on to power.

This season of See, we learn that Baba Voss has a brother Edo Vos played by Dave Bautista. Edo has his niece Haniwa there captive knowing that Baba will come to look for her. During all this Haniwa falls in love Wren played by Eden Epstein who is the assistant of Edo but unbeknownst to him is also sighted. The biggest appeal of this season is the eventual meeting between the Voss brothers. This comes near the end of the season, where we find Sibeth has lost her power and Maghra has gained. Edo answers to the board of his people but his real reason for wanting war is to confront his brother.

See gives you plenty of violence in this season, some fan favorites don’t make it this season and that made me sad. I won’t spoil who it is. The fight between Momoa and Bautista was beautifully sad. At the end of the season, we find that Baba Voss and family must regroup as they must reel from heavy losses and the thought of what’s to come thanks to Sibeth. This show continues to have strong story lines and great acting. They made a good solid season even though they filmed this season with pandemic obstacles. If you haven’t watched See, you really should. At its core, it’s about a family that wants to stay together but at the same time trying to find their way in a changing society.

Did you watch See this season? Did you enjoy watching Jason Momoa and David Bautista act with one another? Let’s discuss!

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