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Spiderman Across the Spider-Verse- A universal event of Spidey proportions

Updated: Aug 15

Source: IMDb

Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) is out in the city being the neighborhood Spiderman and content with life but as with all Spiderman’s, being a hero and dealing with real life can be difficult. Real life comes into play when Miles is extremely late to his father’s, Jefferson ‘Jeff” Morales’ (Brian Tyree Henry) promotion celebration, and his mother, Rio Morales (Lauren Velez Morales) is upset that Miles hasn’t arrived with the cakes. One day, Miles who is busy being the neighborhood Spiderman, runs into a bad guy who seems to be new at stealing, but he Is no ordinary person; he is a person who has spots. Once Miles gets him under control, he goes to the party where he finds his upset parents, of course, Miles gets punished and sent to his room. While in his room, his favorite person, Gwen Stacy/Spiderwoman (Hailee Steinfeld), comes back to visit Miles.

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Gwen and Miles are friends that came together in the first film when the multiverse was explored. Miles has a crush on Gwen, and Gwen feels the same. Last time Gwen showed Miles how to use his powers and introduces the Spider verse to him. This time Gwen explains that the Spider verse has grown now there are anomalies. The most recent being the person that Miles ran into at the Bodega, Mr. Spot aka Dr. Jonathan Quinn (Jason Schwartzman), who’s one of the villains of this story. His body has spots that are covered by interdimensional portals that allow him to travel through space and different universes.

Unbeknownst to Miles, he follows Gwen because he realized there is more to what she was saying to him than meets the eye. He follows her to a building, where Mr. Spot is, and he and Gwen fight. Unfortunately, Gwen is not successful, and a portal opens. There we see Jess Drew/Spiderwoman (Issa Rae) is Gwen’s mentor and tells her to come back. A portal opens and Miles follows them through the portal. They end up in a place called Mumbattan and meet Pavitr Prabhakar/Spiderman India (Karan Soni). Gwen sees Miles and is surprised that he is there and begs him not to interfere. As they were speaking a bus crash happens and they must go into rescue mode. As the Spidey’s go into action, they see another Spiderman called Hobie Brown or Spider Punk (Daniel Kaluuya). Spider Punk is a British punk rock version of Spiderman and one of my favorite characters of this movie. Due to Miles action, he inadvertently caused a canon event, because of this the Spidey gang heads to the Spidey Society where Miles sees all the different Spiderman of the different Spider verse. He meets the one Spiderman that tries to keep all the Spiderman on point, his name is Miguel O’Hara/Spiderman 2099 (Oscar Isaac).

Spiderman Across the Spider verse has a strong story about the multiverse. There are so man references to all the Spiderman movies and cartoon series. The colors, the music all go hand in hand with the story. Miles is older and wiser, and Gwen comes into her own in this movie as well. The movie focuses on the multiverse and when things change how it affects the other universes. The multi verse has mentioned in prior Marvel movies. This has been mentioned for the newcomers to understand what is going on. The pacing is good but there are parts where the story drags on a little, but the action soon picks up. The cliff hanger ending will ensure that audiences will come back for the third installment to see how this story ends. This is a must watch!

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