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Spiral Spins Up Scares

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

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I watched the new Chris Rock led movie Spiral. Spiral is part of the SAW franchise. As a person who has only seen one of the SAW movies, I was interested in seeing this take. When I was younger, I was big on horror movies such as like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Halloween. Now that I’m older, the jump scares make my heart jump out of my chest.

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Spiral which I must admit, I wouldn’t see if it weren’t for my daughters who enjoy the Saw franchise and scary movies in general but I’m low key glad they did. The main protagonist, Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks played by Chris Rock and his rookie partner played by Max Minghella investigate murders of their fellow police officers which we soon learn are targeted murders. Samuel L. Jackson plays Rock’s father, the former police chief in the movie, and we see the dynamic of the father and son relationship, and how it plays throughout the movie.

There are few themes throughout this movie but the most glaring one is about police corruption and how bad deeds of an officer can have an affect to the victims and families of this corruption. The movie starts off rocky in terms of acting but as the story movies along it gets better. The gore was paced nicely, and not back-to-back as actual horror movies tend to be. You get to breathe and feel like part of the investigation.

Now with all the prior Saw movies the clues were within the movie so when we find out who is behind these murders it makes sense. Spiral’s ending lends itself to a sequel which depending on which way they decide to go could be good.

Overall, I think this movie is better than I expected especially for someone like me who doesn’t really watch scary movies anymore. Chris Rock’s performance was good. His performance got stronger as the movie went along. I saw this movie in the theater which was great. It’s a strong Saturday night movie at home if you’re not ready to go back to the theater.

Have watched Spiral yet? Do you think these movie fits into the Saw franchise? Let’s discuss.

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