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Ted Lasso Season 2: Good vs Evil

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Season 2 of Ted Lasso is different than Season 1 whereas it takes dark turns where we least expect it. Ted Lasso played by Jason Sudekis is getting his team back into being a major playoff team and personally he’s still finding out why he keeps having panic attacks. Roy played by Brett Goldstein and Keely played by Juno Temple seem to have a great relationship on the outside, but something is amiss between them. Rebecca played by Hannah Washington has found herself in a relationship with her up and coming star player Sam played by Toheeb Jimoh. We learn more about Coach Beard played by Brendan Hunt and his personal life. We also learn more about Nate played by Nick Mohammed.

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This season focused on childhood trauma and how trauma from our youth can come back and affect us as adults. Ted has a breakthrough about this with the help of Dr. Sharon played by Sarah Niles whom herself had her own breakthrough. Ted and Dr. Sharon have great chemistry together and I hope this is not the last we see of Dr. Sharon.

It’s funny to see that in season one, Rebecca was the antagonist by trying so hard to sabotage her team and Ted but this season they are friends who rely on one another to get through the tough times together. I really like the women empowerment through the friendship of Rebecca and Keely. They uplift each other even if it means they can no longer collaborate with one another. Sam is such a genuine sweet soul that when he’s courted by a rich owner to leave Richmond, he is loyal to his team and to the fans. His relationship with Rebecca is sweet but Rebecca is still trying to find the woman that she is, so you know this relationship won’t last.

I saved Nick for last. His progression from season one to season two has been amazing. He went from being a sweet and gentle equipment manager with vast knowledge of the game and being Ted’s go to for coaching advice to a full fledge coach. This season, Ted and the coaching staff used Nate’s moves to win a pivotal game, of which game Ted has a panic attack. Richmond wins because of Nate’s play and all the accolades go to his head. We see the progression of Nate being that gentle sweet soul to a power hungry, back stabber.

Ted Lasso keeps its humor and humanity but also shows what happens when good people are consumed with power and when people have power are not consumed by it. This was another great season and the finale just made you yearn for more. I am looking forward to Season 3 and which way these characters journey will continue to take.

Did you enjoy this season of Ted Lasso? What do you think about Nate? Let’s discuss.

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1 Comment

Jun 14, 2022

I love that this season focuses on childhood trauma and how trauma from our youth can come back and affect us as adults. This is so true for most of us for unresolved issues.

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