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The Adam Project- A fun ride back to the future

Source: IMDb

The Ryan Reynolds Netflix movie, The Adam Project teams Ryan Reynolds once again with the director from Free Guy Shawn Levy. Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) who is from the year 2050; he is on a mission to find out what happened to his wife who disappeared. Reed travels back to the year 2022 and ends up meeting his 12-year-old self-played by Walker Scobell. We find that Reed’s father, Louis, played by Mark Ruffalo created the algorithm for controlled time travel. Reed’s mom, Ellie, played by Jennifer Garner, tries to help her 12-year-old son and herself deal with a devastating loss.

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Along the way, we see Reed’s wife Laura Shane played by Zoe Saldana who hid further in the past to prevent assassination attempts. The antagonist of the movie is Maya Sorian (Played by Catherine Keener) who funded Louis research for her own gain. Adam Reed is chased by his former friend, Christos, played by Alex Mallari Jr, who is out to capture Reed and Laura for unauthorized time travel.

The Adam Project is an action-filled sci-fi dramedy. It deals with loss and grief and how that can affect the ones that are left behind. The film also deals with love and the love we have for our parents and significant others and that we would even travel through time to save them. The acting was great. Walker Scobell has Ryan Reynolds speaking cadence down pact. Walker was good and the chemistry between him and Reynolds were amazing. The whole cast was good and bounced off each other well.

The Adam Project is a movie that everyone can enjoy. This is more of a story driven movie than action and I’m not mad at that. Ryan Reynolds has been bringing some very entertaining movies as of late, which makes me look forward to Deadpool 3. There were also some nice Easter eggs in the movie for Deadpool and The Hulk. Too bad there wasn’t one for Gamora. Nice tie into Marvel.

Did you watch The Adam Project? What did you think? Let’s Discuss!

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