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The Equalizer is a Great Equal to the Movies!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Source: IMDb

Robyn McCall played by Queen Latifah is a mysterious woman with an extremely smart teenage daughter, Delilah, played by Laya DeLeon; who, by the way, looks like she could be Queen Latifah’s real life daughter; and Robyn’s aunt played by the great Lorraine Toussaint who helps Robyn raise her child. Robyn is leading a double life; by day, she is a caring mother who tells her family that she works for a non-profit that helps people, which is not too far from the truth. At night, she becomes The Equalizer by helping people in need who have become involved in things that is not easily resolved.

Source: CBS Youtube Channel

Every episode is like a little mini movie. There is action and lots of story are interwoven which makes this show great to watch. The first episode was intriguing especially as we learn about Robyn and her small crew of Mel played by Liza Lapira and Harry played Adam Goldberg. They all work together to help Robyn level the playing field of the disadvantaged people she chooses to help. The complication comes when Detective Marcus Dante played by Tory Kittles becomes interested in her actions.

This show has the same premise as The Equalizer movies and the prior television show that starred Michael Caine, but the difference is that this Equalizer has more heart. Queen Latifah’s portrayal brings more heart and soul to the character probably because she has a family where the others did not. She also tries hard to hide her previous life in the CIA but as the season goes along, we find that keeping her personal and professional life getting harder to do.

I’m looking forward to season 2 and all the different directions that next season will take. If you haven’t seen The Equalizer then you’re missing out on this story driven, action packed drama series that is well worth your time. The Equalizer starring Queen Latifah is now streaming on Paramount+.

Are you watching The Equalizer? Would do you like about the show? Let’s discuss!

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