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The Harder They Fall is a Western Everyone should watch!


The new Netflix western, The Harder They Fall feels like a classic western that we used to watch back in the day especially some of the old Clint Eastwood westerns like Pale Rider but with a twist. The Harder They Fall cast stars Jonathan Majors who plays Nat Love, Idris Elba who plays Rufus Black, Regina King as Trudy Smith, LaKeith Stanfield as Cherokee Bill, Zazie Beetz as Stagecoach Mary, Delroy Lindo as Bass Reeves, Deon Cole as Wiley Escoe, Danielle Deadwyler as Cathay Williams, RJ Cyler as Jim Beckworth and Edi Gathegi as Bill Pickett. These are all real people that existed in the west. The story is fictional.

Source: Netflix Youtube Channel

The Harder They Fall is about Nat Love and his crew who ends up stealing from the Rufus Black crew. Rufus Black’s crew is headed by Trudy Smith, break Rufus Black out of confinement during the transition on the train that they were transporting Black on. This scene also highlights a tribute to the great Chadwick Boseman. The cinematography of the train scene is so stylistic and well shot that you get enthralled in the choreography of that scene. You begin to root for Rufus Black crew until you meet Nat Love and his crew, which is Stagecoach Mary, which is Nat’s love interest, Cathay or Cuffee, Jim Beckworth, Bass Reeves, and Bill Pickett. Rufus Black’s crew is Trudy Smith, Cherokee Bill, Wiley Escoe and Jacobi Howard as Angel.

There is a lot of history between Nat Love and Rufus Black. This plays out throughout the movie. All the characters are strong and not afraid to use violence to get what they want or what they need. The two gangs meet up in Redwood where conflict ensues. Black gives the Love gang time to get the money to him that they stole. Each gang tried to outthink and out strategize the other and the epic last battle begins. In the end, we find out the twist we should’ve seen coming but didn’t.

The Harder They Fall is well -acted and the whole cast was believable as cowboys who have been riding together for a long time. The two stand outs for me were RJ Cyler who plays Jim Beckwith and Danielle Deadlyer who plays Cathay Williams aka Cuffee. Cyler’s arrogance and humor really breaks some intense moments in the Love crew and some of the action. Cuffee is a loyal friend to Stagecoach Mary. These two actors were stand outs of the movie. Deon Cole who plays Wiley Escoe was strong in his first dramatic role. I hope he does more. The Harder They Fall is a fun time western that all should see.

Did you see The Harder They Fall? What did you think? Let’s Discuss!

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