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The Suicide Squad: Better than the First

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When at first you don’t succeed, try again and try again The Suicide Squad did with more positive results. The Suicide Squad directed by Guardians of the Galaxy’s James Gunn is a violent movie with heart. The Suicide Squad stars Idris Elba who plays Bloodsport, John Cena who plays Peacemaker, Margot Robbie who once again plays Harley Quinn and Viola Davis who plays Amanda Waller who brings the new team together.

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This film has three leftovers from the original, Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller and Col Rick Flag played by Joel Kinnaman who return for another adventure. They are joined by a new cast of characters aside from the main ones to go on another Amanda Waller mission. This movie was so much better than the first one. There was more violence from the start of the film. The movie doesn’t go into details on how and why the crew was chosen but that Waller chose them for the mission. James Gunn does keep the story nice and tight which was a flaw of the first one. Gunn did a great job developing the characters by building sympathy and heart to these characters, especially the Ratcatcher played by Daniela Melchior and Polka Dot Man played by David Dastmalchian. Once you get a glimpse of those two backstories you get attached to those characters.

The only set back of this film is that in middle it slows in pace a little to make way for backstory and moving to the next part of the story but once they do, the movie picks back up. Despite this, the movie’s plot stays tight, and the violence is a character of its own. Now everything is not gumdrops and rainbows they are villains and we do see that come through. They work well together, and you see that they have developed a true friendship. Despite this lag in movie’s pace, the action, humor and emotion make The Suicide Squad an entertaining movie.

Idris Elba was a strong lead in the movie playing the reluctant leader. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was used so much better in this movie than the first. John Cena was in his element as Peacemaker and Viola Davis' Amanda Waller showed her mean side more in this one than in the first. Nanaue/King Shark played by Sylvester Stallone gave this character heart even though he likes to eat people. The CGI and the story were strong. The action and violence were done tastefully and was important to the story. If you can try and see The Suicide Squad in the theaters, if not catch it on HBO Max.

Were you a fan of the first Suicide Squad? Will you see this one? Let’s Discuss.

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