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The Tomorrow War: Chris Pratt is still Guarding the Galaxy

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

The Tomorrow War stars Chris Pratt as James “Dan” Forester. Dan is a former veteran with a biochemistry background who has a loving and supportive wife played by Emily Gilpin and his 9-year-old daughter Muri Forester played by Ryan Kiera Armstrong. As family and friends gather to watch a soccer game, it is interrupted by people arriving from 28 years in the future to say that if they don’t get help from the people of now to fight creatures who have taken over the world, the world as they know it will be extinct. We find that they need people for 7 days and then they are jumped back into the present. As with any war, there are losses and not just the US but militaries around the world are depleted and they enact a worldwide draft. I tell you that if I ever got drafted and dropped into the future, I’m hiding.

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Once they are dropped into the future, it's not long before the action begins. We find heroes among the regular people. Cowan played by Mike Mitchell and Norah played by Mary Lynn Rajskub show that they believe in what needs to be done. This is the first emotional hit of the movie. We find that Charlie, played by Sam Richardson who has a PHD in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is a reluctant soldier who ends up being a hero and comic relief. Dorian played by Edwin Hodge, has been on three tours and reluctantly helps Dan and his team of misfits complete the task at hand. Along the way, Dan has an encounter which changes the whole trajectory of the assignment.

The film follows end of the world tropes like a tense relationship with a loved one which in this case is Dan and his father James played by J.K. Simmons. They have an intense relationship which by the end, as with most of these movie tropes, gets resolved along the way. There are some twists in this movie, one in which Dan teaches a class and it comes back around to help with the resolution of the story. The main message of this movie is to cherish what you have today because tomorrow’s is not promised.

The Tomorrow War gives you intensity, some edge of your seat action and great CGI of the creatures. Certain scenes do have some emotional tugs at the heart, and I did find myself pulling for Dan and his team’s success. The only negative is a plot hole of the people of the future coming to the present and staying in the present. So, if something happens to them in the present, what does that mean for their future? Other than that, this was an entertaining movie, and the cast chemistry was great.

Will you be watching The Tomorrow War? What do you think of end of the world movies? Let’s discuss!

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