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The Umbrella Academy 3-Time for New Beginnings

Source: Spiel Times

The Umbrella Academy 3 is now streaming on Netflix. We last left the Umbrella gang back in their old home, but things were drastically different. The Umbrella team find themselves in the home of The Sparrows, who don't like these intruders very much. It ends up being like West Side Story with Luther (Tom Hopper) and Sloan (Genesis Rodriguez), who amid the hatred brewing between the two families, fall in love. The Sparrows don’t realize that they’re soon in danger from a kugel blitz that’s forming in their basement.

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What is the kugel blitz? It’s another thing that will end the world. I mean what is an Umbrella Academy season with the “end of the world” looming. This season there is a lot going on. Vanya ( Elliot Page) is now Victor; Diego (David Castaneda) finds out from Lita (Ritu Arya) that he is a father of a teenage son, Stanley ( Javon Walton); Klaus (Robert Sheehan) finally finds out what his power is, and tries to bond with “Father” Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore). Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) and Lita are trying to find a way to time travel back and Allison, (Emmy Raver-Lampman) is still distraught from leaving her husband and child and is heartbroken that they are not aware of who she is and to come to terms that there is a reality without them in it.

The Sparrows, who are led by Marcus ( Justin Cornwell), want to work with The Umbrella Academy to find out what is going on with the world where people are disappearing. Grace (Jordan Claire Robbins), who is the caregiver of the Sparrows, finds the kugel blitz and begins to worship it. Marcus finds the kugel blitz and is absorbed by it, which is the catalyst of the Sparrows thinking that the Umbrella Academy has taken him. Ben (Justin H Min) becomes number 1 and leads the rest of the Sparrows to go after the Umbrella Academy.

This season was really a season of reflection and change. The change of Vanya into Victor and his acceptance into his family. Allison deals with loss, anger, betrayal, and forgiveness. Diego finding himself and realizing that he is not his father. Five coming to terms of his past and his power. Luther falling in love during the conflict between the two families and Klaus finding himself and his powers. Both the Sparrows and the Umbrella Academy learn lessons that working together instead of against each other will move the world and themselves in a positive way. In the end, their enemy may not be the Kugel blitz but someone closer.

I know that there were many storylines to follow but they tied them up in the last act. Are there still questions? Yes, but hopefully we can get a Season 4 to get those answers, and how the end of the series will affect the future and the past of the Umbrella Academy.

Did you enjoy this season of The Umbrella Academy? Are you looking forward to a season 4? Let’s discuss.

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