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The Upshaws: A Modern Day Family

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Source: IMdb

Are you watching family sitcoms either on the big networks or streaming? If you’re not, you should at least watch The Upshaws. The Upshaws is about a working-class family home where both parents have jobs and kids and how they juggle everything. Regina played by sitcom legend Kim Fields is the wife trying to keep her household together as well as improving herself to get a better position and make more money. Who can’t relate to that?

Source: Netflix Youtube Channel

Regina’s husband Bernard played by the hilarious Mike Epps who is small business owner of Bernie’s Garage which he co owns with his sister-in-law Lucretia Turner played by the incredibly talented Wanda Sykes. The quips between Lucretia and Bernard are reminiscent of Fred and Esther from the Sandford and Son show.

We learn that Regina and Bernard were high school sweethearts who had a son Bernard Upshaw Jr. played by Jermelle Simon right after high school and they also have two more kids Aaliyah played by Khali Spraggins and Maya played by Journey Christine. Bernard has a son from a break that Regina didn’t know they had named Kelvin played by Diamond Lyons who is referred to as the “ghetto twin” of Aaliyah since they are the same age. Tasha is Kelvin’s mom played by Gabrielle Dennis who is a constant reminder to Regina of Bernard’s infidelity.

Despite all of this, The Upshaws makes you feel like you’re looking into a real family. Families everyday deal with wanting to do better for yourself and your family. Now I must say I was stuck by the adult language used in the show. To me that gives it more authenticity. It also shocks you a little because being person brought up on broadcast sitcoms,”Hell” was the strongest word said and to hear stronger language than that is an adjustment.

The Upshaws is one version on how family really works. You may fight and argue but at the end of the day you come together. I really hope this show gets a season 2. The Upshaws is now streaming on Netflix.

Have you seen The Upshaws? Do you like it? Let’s Discuss?

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Unknown member
Jun 02, 2021

You should its a cool and sometimes real show.


Leonard Pete
Leonard Pete
Jun 02, 2021

I'm gonna have to check this out!

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