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This is Us: We have questions!

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Source: TVInsider

This is Us ended season 5 with a mouth dropping reveal. The beauty of this show is following the journey of the Pearson family especially the journey of the big 3 of Kevin, Kate, and Randall. This season had 16 episodes, but it was shorted by 2 due to Covid. Due to this, there were many production delays which caused lengthy breaks in viewing the episodes.

Source: This is Us Youtube Channel

This season we saw Kevin become a father of twins; Kate and Toby going through the ups and downs of marriage and adopting a baby girl; Randall coming to terms with his birth mother; Beth’s dance studio being affected by Covid due to closures and coming to terms with that the fact their oldest daughter, Tess, came out as part of the LBGTQI+ community; as well as her mom coming to visit and coming to terms with their relationship. Uncle Nicky pretty much moving in with Kevin after realizing he no longer wants to be alone.

It was great to see that Kevin and Randall finally spoke about why they always had friction and how they came to understand what each other were going through growing up and became closer because of it. Rebecca was mostly lucid this season (She has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s) but understands that her memories are on borrowed time and wants to make sure that she clears the air with everyone in her family, especially Randall. Rebecca and Randall always seem to have a special bond. They have an emotional conversation that solidifies the mother-son relationship.

The flashbacks and flash forwards gives us more insight into the Pearson family and with the season finale, the flash forwards are starting to answer some questions but it also gives us more questions like what will happen with Rebecca and Miguel? Will Kate and Toby relationship survive? What happens with Beth and Tess, and will Randall continue his political journey? And will Kevin’s acting continue or will it crash and burn? Overall, considering all the challenges of this season, it was a great season and I’m looking forward to seeing how they will wrap everything up in Season 6. The good thing is there will be 18 episodes.

What questions do you have about the Pearson family? What questions do want answered in season 6? Let’s discuss.

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