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Thor Love & Thunder- A fast paced, fun time!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Source: IMDb

The new Thor Love & Thunder is now playing. Directed by Taika Waititi who also plays the Korg, the loveable sidekick of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is once again heading out on an adventure. We find Thor still trying to find himself and his purpose while hanging out with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Thor learns that there is a God Butcher killing Gods named Gorr (Christian Bale), and he is on his way to New Asgard. Thor decides to go back to New Asgard to help his old friend Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson. Thor and Valkyrie encounter Gorr who releases shadow creatures and during the fight and to Thor’s surprise he finds his old love Dr. Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman). Thor is surprised to see her and his old weapon Mjolnir. During the fight, Gorr the God Butcher kidnaps the children in the hopes of luring Thor to use his Storm breaker to help him open the portal to Eternity.

Source: Marvel Entertainment Youtube Channel

Thor Love & Thunder is an entertaining movie. I would have loved to see Christian Bale as Gorr more. Every time he was on the screen you wanted to see what he would do next. The fight scenes with Thor and Gorr were so good. I really liked the black and white feature. The connection between Valkyrie and Dr. Foster gives us a real sister moment. The beginning felt a little discombobulated but by the middle, you start to get the feels and realize that Thor has really grown emotionally especially learning about Dr. Foster and her condition. My favorite characters are the goats. Every time they were on the screen and made noise, I started laughing. I really enjoyed Russel Crowe as Zeus!

Overall, this movie was a fun time. It was about finding your purpose, your love, and your reason for life. Now, how does this movie fit in the MCU and its current phase? There were a lot of easter eggs in this movie. You had the Eternals, dark swords and an appearance of different Gods. It is also on theme of having dark undertones as in the prior movies. The two post credit scenes give you some sense of what may happen in Thor 5 or when Thor shows up next in the MCU. It also gives you hope that some favorites may return. Thor Love & Thunder is not as funny as Ragnarok, but I think this one ranks as the second-best Thor movie,

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