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Truth Be Told- A season of Truths

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Source: iMore

The second season of Truth Be Told is now available on Apple TV Plus. This is an excellent show that stars Octavia Spencer who plays Poppy Purnell an investigative reporter turned true crime podcaster. This season we find Poppy confronting her past when her old friend Micha Keith played by Kate Hudson, who is now a famous holistic writer turns to her old friend Poppy when her husband has been murdered.

Source: Apple TV

Truth Be Told second season is a strong one. We find that Poppy is being sued by the family of Owen Cave the story she was working on in season 1. She’s struggling to keep her marriage together with Ingram played by Michael Beech, taking care and making sure her father Shreve played by Ron Cephas Jones and her relationship with her sisters Desiree played by Tracie Thoms and Cydie played by Haneefah Wood and her step- mom Lilian played by Tami Roman all band together to make sure Shreve is getting the care he needs. Amid all this, once her old friend Micha comes back into her life for help to find out her murdered her husband. Poppy enlists the assistance of her old friend Markus Knox played by Mekhi Phifer and her podcast producer and investigator Noa Haviland played by Katherine La Nasa.

The second season has more emotion, twists, and turns than the first. We do go through are they or are they not guilty throughout the whole season. We see Poppy confront some of the demons that she has tucked away and how her family didn’t know what she went through, especially her father. He carries a lot of guilt for that. Micha also helps Poppy confront some of the things that happened with them in their youth and Micha finds herself healing as well.

In the end, we go through a season of rollercoaster emotions and near the second to the last episode we sort of figure out who is responsible but is anyone innocent. In this season, not only was a murder solved but so were past traumas. The acting this season was superb all around. Academy Award winning Actress Octavia Spencer once again shines as Poppy Purnell. Oscar nominated Kate Hudson was fabulous as Micha the cultish, holistic self-care woman guru. She should do more television. I highly recommend Truth Be Told as a must-see show. I hope it’s renewed for a third season.

Will you be watching Truth Be Told on Apple Tv Plus? Did you enjoy this season?

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