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Uncharted-It’s Not Indiana Jones

Source: IMDb

Uncharted starring Tom Holland who plays Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg who plays treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan. Sully recruits Nate to look for a treasure that Nate and his older brother Sam Drake played by Rudy Pankow always wanted to find together. Sam and Nate separate as kids and Nate only agrees to go with Sully to find his brother. Along the way of finding the lost treasure, they come across Santiago Moncada played by Antonio Banderas and his hired mercenary Jo Braddock played by Tati Gabrielle. Nate and Sully also find that they need to work with Chloe Frazier played by Sophia Ali to get all the pieces of the puzzle that they all need to find the treasure.

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment Youtube Channel

If you didn’t know, this movie is based off the extremely popular video game. As an observer of someone who has played the game, they told me that this movie takes elements from the fourth game. A regular moviegoer who knows nothing about the game will enjoy the chemistry between Holland and Wahlberg. The big controversy about Wahlberg not being old enough for the character, really is unfounded because he does let Nate do most of the work and the fighting.

Uncharted does a respectable job of adapting the story of the video game but the pacing of the movie is slower than I would like and could easily take some viewers out. The main antagonist who we think is one person is really another and that came out of nowhere but that was a good thing because that turn made you sit up and pay attention. The movie had some elements that reminded me of Indiana Jones but due to the pacing you realize it’s not as good. The acting and the action, especially the final action sequence was really strong. The story was good, even though there were times you never know who the good guys were because nobody trusts anyone. Nate tries to trust the people he works with but soon learns that is not a good way to survive this treasure hunt.

I enjoyed Uncharted, and I will watch the inevitable sequel. There are post credit scenes in the movie and I suspect that a character that we presume is dead really isn’t. If you’re a fan of the game, I would say see it and even if your unfamiliar check it out. If you can get past the pacing, you’re in for a treat! Tom Holland is showing again that he can carry a movie outside of Spiderman. Holland and Wahlberg were very appealing which kept my interest in the movie.

Have you played the Uncharted game? If you haven’t, will you watch the movie? Let’s discuss.

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