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Vacation Friends: A funny take on a Vacation Entanglement

Source: Vital Thrills

Vacation Friends stars Lil Rel Howery as Marcus, Yvonne Orji as Emily, Meredith Hagner as Kyla and John Cena as Ron. This movie is about Marcus and Emily who go on a romantic vacation. Marcus and Emily arrive to their room only to find that their room has been flooded out by the occupants above. While Marcus and Emily try to find other accommodations, in comes Kyla and Ron witnessing the proposal of Marcus and Emily and insist they stay in their Presidential Suite. Wild times ensue between the couples where Marcus, who is a planner, and a control freak loosens up.

Source: IGN YouTube Channel

The chemistry between all the main characters is believable. I truly enjoyed the interaction between Lil Rel (Marcus)and John Cena (Ron), especially when they were high on mushrooms. There are many funny moments in this movie, especially during the rehearsal dinner where things really got out of hand. I had never seen Meredith Hagner (Kyla) before, and she was pure comedy joy. John Cena is really in his bag when he is funny and sensitive. Vacation Friends was funny from beginning to end.

Vacation Friends has a few messages, one being don’t judge a book by its cover and friends can come from anywhere, even on a vacation. The story and jokes hit throughout, and you realize that Ron and Kyla’s heart is in the right place it’s just the execution that is faulty. Some of the other stand outs in the movie were King Bach who plays Emily’s brother, Robert Wisdom who plays Emily’s father, and Lynn Whitfield plays Emily’s mother. Emily’s family all feel that Marcus is not good enough for her. Marcus parents were played by Anna Maria Horsford and Chuck Copper who gave a great performance as parents who are a little rough on the edges but are very supportive of their son. The family dynamics of Emily’s father thinking his daughter is too good for the man she is in love with although cliché works as fodder for misunderstandings and laughter.

Vacation Friends is now showing on Hulu and is a great weekend movie. The message is not too heavy, and the laughs are frequent. The acting by the cast and especially the four primary characters makes this a fun, lighthearted movie. This movie reminds you that you can have fun on vacation and sometimes what you do there can follow you home.

Lil Rel Howery and John Cena have been busy this year! Do you think they made a good team? Would watch another movie with them? Let’s discuss!

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Jun 14, 2022

I finally got a chance to watch this and it did not disappoint to what my expectations were. I have been laughing out loud with Lil Rel for a long time.


Apr 12, 2022

This looks hilarious

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