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VERZUZ: Eve and Trina

Source: HipHop Crown Nation

The first female hip hop Verzuz with Eve and Trina came on a Wednesday but not just any Wednesday, Tupac Shakur’s 50th birthday. The ladies did not disappoint. When it was announced there was plenty of negative posts and things said about what this Verzuz would be. Misogyny is still alive and well in the hip hop game. People wrote off this Verzuz as that it would get low views or that it wouldn’t be entertaining.

What happened was that Eve and Trina put on a display for the new ladies of hip hop that you can work with one another and love on one another and still be in the same field. You can both be the baddest female rapper and still be supportive of one another. They both showed that they both have their lanes and even crossed each other paths on numerous occasions, and you never heard of beef between the two and they explained that being under the tutelage of the great Missy Elliot showed them that there is room for everyone. Trina said as much during the event.

Eve and Trina, according to Timbaland, outpaced the last Verzuz battle, which was the rematch between founders Swizz Beats and Timbaland. This s shows that Eve and Trina have hits that people wanted to hear, stage presence and love. They were even able to keep the vibe of being together, even though Eve was in London and Trina was in Miami. I really enjoyed this Verzuz with Eve and Trina. People need to stop underestimating these ladies because this made me want to see them in concert.

If you missed this or any of the past Verzuz, check it out on the official Verzuz Instagram page, Triller app, or FITE app on TV.

Did you watch the Eve and Trina Verzuz? Who do you want to see next? Let’s Discuss!

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