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Verzuz: Mother’s Day Edition!

Source: Google Images/ EVERYDAY CO YouTube Channel

So Verzuz had another event with SWV and Xscape on Saturday for a pre–Mother’s Day celebration. Now, if like you SWV or Xscape, you probably feel like and your favorite won. For me it was split; the first half was all Xscape because of what we now know was due to Coko having anxiety due to events she saw at her hotel, that lowered the energy for SWV. The second half was all SWV to me. It was interesting to me that Latosha from Xscape did everything short of rolling on the floor to keep the excitement for Xscape.

The clothes changed everything. After the break, Coko changed clothes, put on some tennis shoes, got her pep talk and then the second half of Verzuz turned into a SWV concert. I was up more in the second half than the first. SWV started playing hit after hit. Once “Anything” from the Off the Rim soundtrack started playing, for me that was the shot this Verzuz needed. Now Xscape filled a lot of their 20 with Kandi produced records and of course the Tiny and Kandi written “No Scrubs”. SWV came back with mostly all hits. Coko did perform her solo single with her son which was a sweet moment but other than that SWV performed most of their hits and this fan was pleased.

At the end, SWV gave a concert like performance of fan favorite, “Weak”. They ended it with a bow and a thank you; most of us watching was cool if Verzuz ended at that moment; but Kandi said not so fast and Xscape ended with “Understanding. Overall, I would say this Verzuz falls within the top 10.

My question is who’s next? I know at one point Swizz and Timbaland was talking about going into other genres. This might be the time since a lot of the heavy hitters in R&B and Rap has been apprehensive to participate.

Do you watch Verzuz? If so, who would you like to see next?

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Miembro desconocido
15 may 2021

The first half was discombobulated but the 2nd half was strong. I really enjoyed SWV. I really hope they can get Missy Elliot!

Me gusta
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