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Wednesday – A Dark Mystery Series

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Source: IMDb

Wednesday, the new Netflix series based on the 1991 film, The Addams Family, starring Raoul Julia and Christina Ricci has a new spin with Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams, who in this version possesses psychic powers and is a new student at Nevermore Academy, which is a school for outcasts. Catherine Zeta-Jones is Morticia Addams, Wednesday ‘s mom who has a reputation at Nevermore. Wednesday’s father Gomez (Luis Guzman) is a suspected murderer from his days at Nevermore. We also saw an appearance by Lurch (George Burcea), Uncle Fester (Fred Armisen) and Thing (Victor Dorobantu).

Source: Netflix Youtube Channel

Wednesday starts with Wednesday defending her brother Pugsley (Issac Ordonez) who was being bullied by the swim team and gets back at them by pouring piranhas in the pool. This causes Wednesday to get expelled and ends up. At Nevermore Academy, Wednesday meets Dorm mother Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci), the Principle of Nevermore Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie) and roommate Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers) who is a werewolf, who tries to make friends with Wednesday, but Enid learns Wednesday is a hard friend to make. Wednesday meets her nemesis, Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday) who plays cat and mouse with Wednesday until things start happening that can’t be explained. Nevermore’s Principal Weems, who is overly attentive to Wednesday, also finds that she has a past with Morticia. Principle Weems main goal is to keep the peace between Nevermore and the townspeople.

The students of Nevermore are considered outcasts and Principal Weems wants to reassure the townspeople, especially Sheriff Donovan Galpin (Jamie McShane) that the students mean no harm to the town. The Nevermore students take a trip into town, where Wednesday meets the Sheriff’s son, Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan) who works at the local coffee shop, with Nevermore student Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hanes). Wednesday also must meet with her therapist Dr. Valerie Kinbott (Riki Lindhome) who is meeting with Wednesday due to her actions at her prior school.

The mystery begins when a student, Rowan Laslow (Calcum Ross) is a troubled student with telekinetic abilities. Wednesday follows him out in the woods, where a monster attacks Rowan but spares her. This starts Wednesday off to investigate who this monster is and why it didn’t attack her. As Wednesday starts on this journey, she ends up learning more about herself, family and yes, even friends.

The cast is excellent! The standout here is Jenny Ortega. The way she embodied Wednesday’s dry humor, psychopathic thinking and a yearn to learn, are captured by Ortega’s interpretation. Tim Burton did a great job directing and showing how Wednesday starts off hard, selfish and not caring about her fellow students to help them fight for survival. The bonding with her family, particularly her mother Morticia, shows just how alike they are. Christina Ricci plays a greatly subdued role where at first you think she is being underused but there is so much more to her character.

Wednesday is a great who is it, who dun it mystery show, and I really hope there is a season 2. I really enjoy the twist of Wednesday being a teenage sleuth and that the writers made the character more than one dimensional. Wednesday is worth the hype!

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